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Rat/Mouse Control


Choosing the Right Rat Killer Product

Place Packets / Bait Blox: Packages and Blox are placed in activity zones: crawl spaces, attics, behind appliances, etc. Rodents usually leave the structure before dying, but there is a chance that they will die inside the structure, sometimes an empty wall. Should not use where children or pets can access packages. Rat Bait Station: Station with a childproof lid that contains a block of poison inside. For use outdoors or indoors where children or pets may be able to access them. The rat will enter the station, eat bait and may die inside the station or nearby. Glue Panels: For use in cabinets, corners or along walls where rodents move. Rodents stay on board and are unable to move. Snap Traps: For use in cabinets or corners. Rodents trigger the trap by attacking food.
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