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MANNOL 8215 O.E.M Automatic Transmission Gearbox Oil 1L Mercedes Benz (German Import) - Product Features
  • Specially Designed for Mercedes Benz Transmissions
  • O.E.M Product (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Advanced Lubrication Technology from Germany
  • Highest Quality Oil Specially Developed for High End Motor Vehicles
  • MB 722.9 NAG2FE+, MB 236.15, MB 001989780310,MB 0019897803, SSANGYONG
MANNOL 7901 Chain LUBE Fully Synthetic White Grease Chain Spray 200ML - Product Features
  • Engine cleaners and rust removers
  • Working Temperature--30 - 180 ?C
  • Dropping Point-260 ?C
MANNOL 7209 4-TAKT Universal 4-Stroke Engine Oil 1LITRE SAE 20W-40 API SM JASO MA2 German Import. - Product Features
  • 4-Takt Premium SYNTHETIC TECHNOLOGY engine oil for motorbikes
  • Premium Quality German oil
  • Protects against valve train wear.
  • SAE 20W-40 API SM
  • JASO MA2
MANNOL 7202 4-TAKT Plus 4 Stroke 10W-40 SEMI-Synthetic Engine Oil JASO MA/MA2 German Import 1 L - Product Features
  • 10000 KM Oil Change Interval
  • Premium Quality Semi synthetic 4 Takt Engine oil
  • Imported Product for Modern Motocyles
MANNOL 7812 Motorbike 4-Takt Sae 10w-40 Jaso Ma/ma2 Ester Technology Synthetic 4-Stroke Engine Oil (1l) - Product Features
  • Premium German Import with Ester Technology
  • For motorcycles, pit bikes, motards, etc. for off-road (enduro, motocross, trials, etc.) and highway (stuntriding, supermoto, etc.) driving under extreme loads
  • SAE 10W-40 JASO MA/MA2 API SL 4
MANNOL 4113 AG13 Antifreeze Concentrated HIGHTEC COOLANT Fluid GS 94000 MB 325.0 GME L1301IMPORTED from Germany 1 L - Product Features
  • Hybrid Antifreeze IMPORTED FROM GERMANY
  • A reliable protection of any cooling system
  • Provides sufficient anti-corrosion properties from the concentration as low as 30%
  • Compatible with all types of rubber and plastic components of a cooling system
  • Contains a fluorescent dye allowing identifying even small leakages of the antifreeze in the UV light
MANNOL 9943 Motor Life Extender Engine Oil Leak SEALANT Imported from Germany 500 ML - Product Features
  • Specially designed to eliminate leaks caused by mechanical wear of engine parts by adding modifiers that cause oil obliteration in places of leaks (blockage of places of leaks
  • Penetrates worn oil seals and rubber seals, restores their former volume and elasticity, preventing oil leaks through them
  • Contains a fluorescent dye to detect leaks
MANNOL 8208 Type-T-IV Synthetic Automatic Transmission Gearbox Oil 1L German Import - Product Features
MANNOL 7901 Legend Ester SAE 0W-40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 4L German Import - Product Features
  • SAE 0W-40, API SN/CH-4, ACEA A3/B3/B4
  • Premium Quality German Import
  • Compatiable for Mercedes Benz,BMW, VW, Porsche, Opel, Fiat
  • Prevents start-up wear-out.
  • Provides extreme cleanliness of the engine components.
MANNOL 8218 ATF Multivehicle Automatic Transmission Gearbox Fluid 4L JWS 3309 ATF Type T/T-II/T-111/T-IV SP-II/SP-III German Import - Product Features
  • Fully synthetic Universal Automatic transmission oil OEM Product Made in Germany
  • Universal automatic transmission oil for many passenger cars such as Toyoto, Nissan, Mitsubishi,Daihatsu
  • Honda, Suzuki, Hyudai/Kia
  • VW/Audi,BMW,Porsche,Volvo,Mercedes Benz
MANNOL 4113 AG13 Antifreeze Concentrated HIGHTEC COOLANT Fluid SAE J1034 GS 94000 MB 325.0 AF Plus ESE-M978B4H-4 Imported from Germany 5 litres - Product Features
  • A hybrid (HOAT Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) high-technology concentrated antifreeze with excellent operating characteristics intended for a year-round use in any modern cooling system for which the use of mono-ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze is recommended. It ensures a reliable protection of any cooling system.
MANNOL 4114 AG13+ Concentrated Advanced Coolant Fluid Imported from Germany 5 litres - Product Features
  • HOAT Technology concentrated Antifreeze
  • Imported from Germany
  • Yellow Colour with Service life no less than 5 years
MANNOL 7404 Safari SEA 20W-50 API SN/CH-4 Imported from Germany 1 Litre - Product Features
  • Universal economy-class mineral engine oil for modern highly accelerated petrol and diesel engines with and without a turbocharger used in difficult operating conditions and engines with a very high mileage used in various operating conditions.
MANNOL 7203 4-TAKT Agro SAE 30 API SG Imported from Germany 1 Liter - Product Features
  • It has an increased resistance to oxidation and high temperatures, at which it preserves its strong oil film
  • It may be mixed with analogous mineral and synthetic oils
  • It is compatible with all types of catalyst converters, has an extended replacement age.
MANNOL 8113 SAE 90 Gear Oil Imported from Germany 4 litres - Product Features
  • Gear Oil Imported from Germany
  • Recommended for the lubrication of reducers in autocranes, mechanisms of garbage trucks, side lifting components, etc
  • SAE 90 , API GL-1
MANNOL 7207 Outboard Marine Engine Oil API TD NMMA TC-W3 1 Litre German Oil - Product Features
  • Imported High Performance Engine Oil For Two-Stroke Engines With Water Cooling
  • Provides Excellent Anti-Corrosive Protection
  • For 2 stroke outboard engines,water scooter & jet skis
  • Also suitable for all 2-stroke engines with the required oil level of API TD or NMMA TC W3

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