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By Brand : Generic
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Product Description :
Balance bikes are low to the ground kids reach the ground with their feet. To move forwards, they push off the ground and begin by walking the bike, then progress to running, striding and gliding. Once they are gliding along independently, they are mastering their balance and are ready to begin pedaling. But there?s no rush, kids can keep going on the balance bike for as long as they wish. Features of the Superfine BMX cycle is as follow Adamantine Quality, High Quality Metal, Single Speed Cycle, Non Geared & Wired Brakes, Front Basket Compartment & Water Bottle Carrier, Balancing Support Wheels and Plastic Mud Guard.

Product Details :
  • Age Range : Kids
  • Bike Type : BMX Bike
  • Brake Type : Linear Pull
  • Brand : Generic
  • Color : Red
  • Frame Material : Steel
  • Frame Size : 16 Inches
  • handle-type : BMX Bars
  • Included Components : 1 Cycle Set
  • Material Type : Steel
  • Minimum Height Recommendation : 113 centimetres
  • Number of Speeds : 1
  • Size : 16
  • Features : Basket
  • Usage : Road
  • Speed Rating : Single Speed
  • Suspension : Rigid
  • Wheel Size : 16 Inches
  • Manufacturer : Four Diamonds
  • Country of Origin : India
Product Features :
  • Heavy Duty Body, Frame Material: Iron
  • Single Speed Cycle, Non Geared, Wired Brakes & Tublar Tyre
  • Soft, comfortable and height adjustable cushion saddle with reinforced plastic shell. Quick release is given for saddle adjustment to achieve a comfortable sitting position
  • Removable Balance Support Wheels
  • Delivery State: Non- Assembled, We don't provide any civil support or installation service to customer end. Do it Your Self. Get a professional to assemble the product for better experience

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