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By Brand : Vector X
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Product Description :
Let your racquet define your ability as a badminton player. The Vector-X Badminton Racquet will give you performance which will help you prove your badminton skills. If you are just starting out as a badminton player, racquet is ideal for you because it is easier to handle. Aluminium makes this racquet lightweight and sturdy. Steel is used in the construction of the shaft because it does not break easily.

Product Details :
  • Brand : Vector X
  • Frame Material : Aluminium
  • Included Components : 1 Racquet
  • Material Type : Aluminum
  • Sport : Badminton
  • Manufacturer : Vector X
Product Features :
  • Aluminium head
  • Steel shaft
  • T joint
  • Wide body
  • Pack of 2
  • Available: Strung

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