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Jaspo Outdoor Sport Bicycle Breathable (Air Vented) Cycling Helmet for Boys & Girls - Product Features
  • On-Road Effective Performance: Jaspo 3D-Helmet multi layer protection level for daily use. Multipurpose helmet designed for road cycling from weekend rides. Air ventilation is enough while riding.
  • Protective Helmet: Optimized EPS protection layer handling unexpected injuries. Silicone pads provide effective and comfort your head. Easy 360 degree rotation capability makes your safer and better ride.
  • Streamline Design: Compact and unique pattern comes with clean design. Lightweight and breathable manufactured helmet is suitable for short or longer rides.
  • Adjustable Helmet: Adjustable helmet allows you fit and ride it. Size in convenient for every type of rider and one handed adjusted easily. Cushioned pad is soft and feel comfortable while riding.
  • Superior Quality: Jaspo 3D Helmet is superior helmet with adjustable straps added for safety. Typically it is suitable for longer rides.

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