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By Brand : SISTER
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Product Description :
Safety Goggles Face Shield, Full Face Covering, Protective Face Shield with 100% Clear Vision. Reusable, washable, HD Vision with anti-fog & hard coating which makes it scratch proof and clear. Safety Shields for your loving kids, excellent good for going to school and traveling.

Product Features :
  • Anti-Fog | Anti Scratch | 100% Protection
  • Reusable | Easily Washable with soap/water | Long Lasting | Durabile
  • Perfect for going to school, park, outdoor, birthday parties etc.
  • Perfect fitment with removable nose rest | Sufficient space for specs and use with any type of mask- surgical, 3ply, n95 or cotton
  • Suitable for Kids Above 6 years. This Face Shield is Proudly Made in India.

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