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Product Description :
hobf Ultrasonic Disposable 3 Layers Pharmaceutical Protective Breathable Pollution Face Mask (Pack of 100) with Nosepin with 3 Layer Filtration For Kids with for Comfortable Fit with Bacterial Filtration and Water Resistant. 3-Ply Kids Face mask Assorted color Surgical face Mask with nose pin pack of 100 has 3 Layer Outer, Middle and Inner || Outer Layer is Water Resistant Layer Which Helps to Block Outside Droplet || Middle Layer is Filtration Layer Which Block Germs, Bacteria, Pollution, Dust etc || Inner Layer is Skin Friendly Layer Which Observe Inside Moisture for Kids-Unisex Certified by CE, ISO & GMP

Product Features :
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • [Free-Size & Comfort for Kids ]: hobf Disposable Mask Pack of 100 Has Inside NOSE PIN || The elastic spandex outer ear loops are comfortable for long wearing sessions by Kids unisex of all ages and the built-in metal adjustable nose pin provides a perfect fit while still being easy to breathe through.
  • [BFE & PFE >98%]: hobf UV Sterilized 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask offers Higher Bacteria Filtration Efficiency of >98% @ 3.0 microns and Higher Particulate Filtration Efficiency of >98% @ 0.1 micron against bacteria and viruses.
  • [Fluid Resistant, Anti-Pollution & Anti-Dust]: Designed to offer protection against bodily fluid and spatter at high resistance. Also offers protection against dust and pollutants from the air.
  • [3 Layer Non-Woven Fabric]: hobf 3 Ply with nose pin pack of 100 has 3 Layer Outer, Middle and Inner 1st is Hydrophobic which is water resistant Which Helps to Block Outside Droplet, 2nd is Electrostatic Charged fabric offering protection against bacteria/viruses & 3rd is Hydrophilic which absorbs water droplets & sweat.
  • [100% Made in India]: Our 3 Ply Face Masks are manufactured in state-of-the-art facility which follows good manufacturing practices and is ISO certified.

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