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Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Induction Base Stainless Steel Pressure Handi, 3.3 Litres (20139)
Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Induction Base Stainless Steel Pressure Handi, 3.3 Litres (20139)
Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Induction Base Stainless Steel Pressure Handi, 3.3 Litres (20139)
By Brand : Prestige
Mrp Price : 0
Price : 2540
You Save : 0
Customer Reviews : 21 customer reviews
Customer Rating : 3.4 out of 5 stars

Product Description :
Blending contemporary styling with the beauty and dazzle of stainless steel, the Prestige Deluxe Plus Stainless Pressure Handi made of 18/10 stainless steel, adds to the aesthetics of you kitchen with loads of feature that include euroclad base with induction bottoms for even distribution of heat, and the unique pressur indicator for extr safety. Prestige deluxe pressure handi offers the aroma and taste of ethnic cooking combined with the efficiency and speed of pressure-cooking. Prestige pressure handi allows you the unprecedented convince of slow cooking, pressure-cooking and serving, all from the same vessel. The pressure handi is an ideal cook-and-serve vessel with the unique finish maintaining it is new look for years.

Product Description :
Product Dimensions: 35.6 x 20.3 x 16.5 cm

Product Features :
  • 2 LITER HANDI 2,000.00
  • 3.3 LITER HANDI 2,540.00
  • Prestige stainless steel cookers use the best quality stainless steel with stronger lugs and thick base to give your cooker a safe and long life
  • Comes with a first time 2-in-1 safety device called PI (Pressure Indicator)
  • The device will rise while there is pressure inside the cooker and will come down when there is no pressure thus indicating
  • Designed to give you more body capacity as compared to normal outer lid pressure cooker
  • Enables \"separator cooking\", a more hygienic form of cooking to retain the nutritional value and taste of food while enabling you to cook 3 dishes at a time
  • ISI certified - conforms to international quality standards

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