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Kadhais & Woks


Buy Kadhai and Woks Online at Amazon India

Kadhai, also known as Karai, Kadai, Kadahi, etc. in various parts of India, is a deep-bottomed, deep-bottomed pot that originates in the Indian subcontinent. Kadhai is widely used in India and in neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Originally cast iron, there are now varieties of stainless steel, copper and other non-stick materials. The Indian tradition, which closely combines health and well-being in all aspects of life, advocates the use of metals for cooking given its medicinal benefits. It is believed that cooking in metal utensils gives food the mineral qualities of metal that are beneficial to the body. Woks are known to be of Chinese origin and are used for all kinds of cooking activities, such as frying pan, sauteing, poaching, boiling, braising, etc.
The best part about using Kadhais and Wok is that they do not stick and require very little oil. Although most normal ladles are used with Kadhais, longer ones are usually used with Woks. The long handle makes it easy to stir food without your hands touching the hot pot. Amazon India hosts a variety of brands in Kadhais and Woks such as Milton, Nirlep, Prestige, Hawkins and many others.
There are options that come with glass and metal lids. Brands such as Pigeon offer multiple coin sets including Kadhais of different sizes as well as ladles. These types are ideal for giving. There are also brands that have Kadhais in exciting colors. Buy the best Kadhai set for your kitchen on
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