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Easypro 8.5-inch LCD e-Writer Tablet/Notepad Stylus
Easypro 8.5-inch LCD e-Writer Tablet/Notepad Stylus
Easypro 8.5-inch LCD e-Writer Tablet/Notepad Stylus
By Brand : Easypro Droihealth
Mrp Price : 2999
Price : 999
You Save : 2,000.00 (67%)
Customer Reviews : 4 customer reviews
Customer Rating : 2.2 out of 5 stars

Product Description :
Kids Love to Scribble and Sketch. This improves their handwriting and focussing abilities.You can Write Notes, Make Lists & Doodle around WITHOUT any paper or pen..RUFFPAD is an LCD writing pad. It comes with a stylus. Pressure-sensitive screen lets you create thick and thin lines. The stylus is can stored conveniently in the bottom of the case. It displays your notes until you erase them with the touch of a button.Durable case and recessed screen are safe for school, travel and home use.Also RuffPad Makes it Easy for the DEAF & DUMB to communicate with others. You can gift it to a nearby charity helping their cause.

Product Features :
  • A 10 inch LCD Drawing Pad: It can be used for multiple activities like: Writing, List Making, Memos, Reminders, Play games like crosses and naughts,You can use the stylus, any pencil or even finger on the surface.
  • Light and Handy: The pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface is very rugged too. It is lightweight, ultra thin and handy device which is ideal of homes, offices and in-between.
  • One Touch Erase Button: User to simply erase the existing content on the pad with a simple press of a button making the pad ready to take new instructions or sketches.
  • High Quality: durable plastic and can easily withstand pressure of your wrists while taking notes.

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