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Stayfree Secure Ultra Thin with Wings - XL (6 Pads) - Product Features
  • 1.50 percent thinner than regular thick pad
  • Up to 100 percent absorption and locking of fluid
  • Long lasting dryness
  • Better adhesion helps pad stay in place
  • Individually folded and wrapped for carrying and disposing
    Whisper Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads - 50 Count (Extra Large) - Product Features
  • Soft top sheet for extra gentleness on skin
  • Stretchable wings keep the pad in place
  • Soft pores drive liquid to the core and lock it away
  • Nearly 20% longer* for more coverage *vs
    Whisper Ultra Nights Sanitary Pads - XXXL Wings (10 Piece of Pack) - Product Features
  • Nearly 75 percent longer helps provide more coverage
  • Wider back for better coverage to protect against back leakage throughout the night
  • 5X more absorbency
  • Lock core helps absorb fluid and locks it in gel form for long lasting protection
  • Dri-weave cover provides soft, dry protection
  • Now upgrade to Whisper ultra nights XXXL wings extra heavy flow for overnights during heavy flow vs an ordinary pad vs Indian average load per pad
    Whisper Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads - 30 Pieces (XL) - Product Features
  • Soft top sheet for extra gentleness on skin
  • Stretchable wings keep the pad in place
  • Soft pores drive liquid to the core and lock it away
  • Nearly 20% longer* for more coverage *vs
    Bella Herbs Sanitary Pads with Verbena - 12 Pieces (Pack of 3) - Product Features
  • Imported from Europe
  • Bella herbs verbena is unique line of sanitary napkins enriched with the herbal extract of verbena known for its anti inflammatory properties
  • It softens irritations and regulates the menstrual cycle
  • Regular size with side wings and exceptionally soft cover
  • Gentle lemon scent soothes the senses and relieves nervous tension
  • Discreet, only 4 mm thick
  • Magic gel provides high absorbency and dryness odour stop system protects against unpleasant smell
    Bella Superplus Tampons - 8 Pieces - Product Features
  • Imported from Europe
  • Super size is recommended for heavy bleeding
  • Exceptionally soft non-woven top layer
  • Eight special channels ensure effective liquid distribution and immediate absorption
  • Secure fixing of the sting inside a tampo assures easy and safe tampo removal
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Recommended to use with panty liners for additional protection
  • Tampons ensure the feeling of comfort and security during periods, even when practising sport, swimming tampons provide discretion even when wearing tight-fitting clothes
  • We support Bella training programme Ė educational platform to increase the knowledge about women health and hygiene in India
    Bella Ideale Ultrathin Sanitary Night Napkins - 14 Pieces - Product Features
  • Breathable bottom layer for health of intimate area, proper air circulation reduces the risk of infections, irritations and chafes, breathability supports intimate health and good skin condition
  • Innovative, technologically advanced double structure of top sheet with pure cotton fibres inside for immediate feeling of dryness and comfort
  • Advanced protection against leakage and odour, unique formula stops bacteria growth and prevents from unpleasant smell, immediately transforms liquid intro gel and locks it inside a pad
  • Totally thin and flexible for ultimate freedom, feels like an integral part of underwear, perfectly adapts to any type of clothing
  • Lightly scented for your comfort and well being
  • Elegant colourful top sheet first time in India
  • Xxl size for ideal protection
  • Each napkin is wrapped in a sachet with a clip useful for disposal
  • According to tests conducted byBella India
    Whisper Ultra Overnight Sanitary Pads with Wings - 30 Pieces (XL Plus) - Product Features
  • Locks upto 100% wetness, even odours
  • Odour lock gel that gives you hygienic protection
  • Nearly 40% longer* for more coverage *vs
  • Delightful scent
  • Dri-weave cover provides soft, dry protection
  • Use whisper ultra clean xl+ for days when your period flow is heavy vs an ordinary pad
    Bella Cotton Pads Blue (80 Pieces) - Product Features
  • Imported from Europe
  • Premium qualityBella cotton pads made of 100 percent clean, soft and natural cotton fibres to ensure superior absorption, softness and safety
  • Two sided Ė plain side is ideal for cosmetics application and embossed side is perfect for gentle skin cleansing
  • Closed edges prevent delamination and fibres separation
  • Recommended for cosmetic and hygienic use, ideal for make -up removal
  • Ideal to gently cleanse and dry your baby's skin
  • Handy pack with strings at the top to hang in the bathroom
  • Bottom perforation for convenient dispensing
  • Dermatologically tested
  • A must-have in every woman's bag
    Stayfree Secure Dry Cover with Wings - 6 pads (Extra Large) - Product Features
  • Cottony soft cover napkin
  • Extra large with wings
  • For heavy flow protection
  • Upto 12 hours of tension-free protection
  • Super absorb design - absorbs more and helps prevent leaks
  • Odour control system that helps prevent foul odour and keeps you fresh

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