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Drools Chicken and Egg Adult Dog Food, 3 kg with Free 1.2 kg - Product Features
  • 1.2kg : 250.00
  • 3 kilograms : 524.00
  • 3Kg + 1.2 Kg : 620.00
  • 10kg
  • 15kg : 2,400.00
  • Real chicken, our #1 ingredient, helps in maintaining lean muscles of your dog for a top body condition
  • A great combination of ingredients with the goodness of Vitamins and Minerals that maintain strong bones and a healthy digestive system.
  • Protein enriched food with proper ratio of nutritional elements that provide optimum health bene?ts to your pet.
  • These kibbles to control tartar build-up
  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs
Drools Chicken and Egg Puppy Dog Food, 3 kg with Free 1.2 kg - Product Features
  • A complete and balanced nutrition helps in puppies growth and development
  • DHA helps in Brain Development
  • Highly palatable and easily digestible
  • Vitamins, Antioxidants and other essential ingredients strengthen immune system
  • The kibbles help to control tartar build-up
  • Suitable for all breeds
Drools Absolute Calcium Bone Jar, Dog Supplement - 40 Pieces (600gm) - Product Features
  • Optimum calcium and phosphorus ratio
  • For stronger teeth and healthy bones
Drools Absolute Calcium Tablet- Dog Supplement, 110 Pieces - Product Features
  • 50 Pieces
  • 110 Pieces
  • Tablets - Calcium
  • Tablets - Calcium + Digestive, 50 Pieces
  • Tablets - Calcium + Vitamin, 110 Pieces
  • Tablets - Calcium + Vitamin, 50 Pieces
  • Tablets - Calcium + Skin & coat, 110 Pieces
  • Drools Absolute Calcium Tablet is enriched with optimum ratio of calcium to phosphorus for healthy skeletal system
  • These are highly palatable, semi moist tablets which promotes better joint health and helps in keeping your dog active
  • Essential ingredients blended with other nutrients helps in maintaining strong bones and teeth of your pet
  • It's administration is easy hence pet parents of fussy eaters feel relaxed
Drools Ultium Performance Adult Dog Food, 20kg - Product Features
  • Better digestibility and health
  • Promotes superior growth and muscle development
  • Enriched with mycosorb, bioplex and yea sacc for better result and improved performance
Drools Absolute Calcium Bone Pouch, 190 g - Product Features
  • Premium and delicious bone supplement for dogs
  • Keeps the dog's teeth healthy and clean
  • Strengthens gums and jaws
  • Enriched with calcium and phosphorus
  • 100 percent digestible and safe
  • Ideal for dogs of all breeds, ages, shapes and sizes

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