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Pet Ag Kmr Milk Replacer For Kittens - Liquid 11Oz - Product Features
  • Complete Source Of Balanced Food
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Flavours
Foodie Puppies Beaphar Dental Powder 75gm for Dogs and Cats (Dental Powder) - Product Features
  • Can be mixed with dog/cat?s food. Immensely useful for pets ho hate brushing.
  • Removes plaque, tartar and provides enamel to canine or feline teeth, fights tooth decay.
  • Removes plaque for the very roots, unlike toothpaste that works superficially.
  • Not just dental care, brown seaweed has been found to enhance the digestibility of food it is mixed with.
  • It is mixed with the feeding of the animal to strengthen the teeth and gums.
PetLac Milk Powder for Kittens, 10.5 Oz - Product Features
  • Kitten milk exchange powder. Animal health supplies
  • Manufacturer: pet ag inc
  • Manufacturer part number: 99298
3 Refills | Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Diffuser Refills (90 Day supply) for a Peaceful Home | Veterinarian Recommend | Stop Cat Fighting and Reduce Spraying, Scratching, & Other Problematic Behaviors - Product Features
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Comfort Zone is a veterinarian recommended solution to keeping cats, safe, happy, and calm.
  • 90 DAYS OF HARMONY: Includes 3 refills to blanket 1 room with harmonizing pheromones to ease cat tension for up to 90 days.
  • DRUG-FREE: Drug-free solution that helps to calm your stressed cat and reduce urine spraying, scratching, and other unwanted behaviors.
  • MULTI-CAT TENSION: Use to help reduce multiple cat household tension, fighting, and stress. Creates a calming, relaxing environment for both Single and Multi-Cat homes.
  • TRUSTED CALMING: Our trusted cat calming pheromone formula refills work in all Comfort Zone diffusers and last up to 30 days.
  • HOW TO USE: Plug diffuser upright into a wall outlet with vents facing up and never into power strips. Improper use may cause the diffuser to become discolored, increased odor, or cause leaking.
  • CERTIFIED: Diffusers certified to UL safety standards and include a shut-off feature to prevent overheating and a rotatable plug to ensure upright placement in any wall outlet.
Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser Refills - Product Features
  • Mimics cat pheromone that helps with cat calming
  • Helps reduce urine marking and unwanted scratching
  • Clinically proven to be 90% effective
  • Veterinarian Recommended, Drug Free, and Unscented; One refill covers up to 650 sq ft
Kit4Cat Checkup Kit Test For Cats (Urine Collection & Detection Of Diabetes, Kidney Conditions, Uti, Blood) - Product Features
  • Quick, simple, reliable at home general wellness test for cats
  • Detects the four most common conditions affecting cats of all ages (high glucose, kidney conditions, UTI and blood in urine)
  • Results in up to 60 seconds
  • Cats love the hydrophobic sand, so you will too
  • Veterinarian approved - Sold exclusively by NCE Retail
Bearing Cat Ear Care Lotion Cleaner Non-Alcohol Formula for Cats 3.4 fl oz. (100 ml.) - Product Features
  • Remove bad odor and bacteria and reduce ear itching and irritation.
  • Non alcohol formula, for all cats
  • Direction: Shake well before use, drop 3-6 drops into the cat ear canal. gently massage the ear
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE : Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.
Pet Care International (PCI) Catnip Spray Natural Way to Relax & Train Your Cat, Kitten (100 ml) - Product Features
  • Catnip Spray is perfect for your frisky feline. It is a spray of pure High Quality Catnip extract and oil. It can be sprayed on their favorite toy, bed or any area where they love to hangout. As it is catnip spray, it makes no mess
  • Awakens Natural playing instinct. Encourages cats to use toys, scratching post or pads.
  • Effect can be topped up with repeated spraying. An exciting scent for cats, but barely noticeable to humans.
  • Proprietary herb blend will last longer and stay fresher, giving your Kitty a better long lasting experience.
  • Note:- The Spay can leave behind a slight light brown residue. Spray from a distance of 20-25cm onto blankets, toys, scratching posts or other playing areas. Let the spray sink in for couple of minutes.
Picckola International Punch Face Cats/Small Puppies/Kittens Sunglasses Retro Shape Goggles Muliti Color (Pack of One, Color May Vary) - Product Features
  • [Material]: The lenses are made of plastic, and the spectacle frame is made of Stainless Steel, so that the glasses look very texture.
  • [Size]:Frame width about 8cm/3.15in. Your pets will looks fashion and cool with our punk rock sunglasses.
  • [Cool Design]: Fashion Round Lens, Slim Frame and Bright Color will make your dog more attractive.
  • [Application]: Suitable for Pet cat or dog as daily wear, photo props or show/performance wear.
  • [Tip]: Our products is only suitable for all type of Cats & Punch Face Dogs Or Puppies i.e. Chihuahua, Poodle, Shihztu, Toy Pom, etc.
Feliway Spray (60ml) - Synthetic carming spray, Comforts & Reassures Cats in New Homes by William Hunter Equestrian - Product Features
    SKY EC Cat Star Multivitamin Syrup for Cats - 100 ml by Jolly and Cutie Pets - Product Features
    • Enriched with TAURINE
    • Enriched with Vitamins and Omega Fatty Acids
    • Maintains Cat's overall health
    • 100ml
    2Pcs Pest Repeller Radar Wave Electronic Repellent Indoor Plug in Pest Control of Insects Mice Ant Mosquito Spider Rodent Roach Pest De Safe for Children and Pets UK POPQ - Product Features
    • SWEEP FREQUENCY & RADAR: Radar wave induction ranging, the closer the pest is, the stronger the power will be.
    • SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY: Targeted waves are safe for humans and household pets; This pest repellent is Noiseless, Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free and Odorless.
    • LIGHT SENSOR: When environment becomes dark, the tri-color lights change to warn insects approaching.
    • ADVANCED POWER IMPACT: The of 24-84 KHz keep changing to avoid pest adaptation to a certain frequency.
    • Easy TO USE: Just plug in and turn on the insect Repellent all day to prevent any kind of pests coming back again?coverage area up tp 861 sq. ft.
    • Warranty not applicable for this product
    F-9-Hairball-Control - Product Features
    • F 9 Hairball control has been specially & carefully formulated by a Veterinarian to support digestion and help get rid of hairball.
    Petkin - Litter Box Wipes 40 Wipes - Product Features
    • Extra freshening with deodorizing baking soda
    • No harsh chemicals & safe around pets
    • Fast & convenient way to remove dirt & odors
    • Petsy Tips: Although it might be tempting to stash your cat?s litter box out of sight, placement is important for a cat?s sense of security. Your cat?s box should be in a quiet place that is easy for your cat to access, and should not be close to his food and water bowls; cats instinctively do not like to eliminate waste where they eat
    Feliway Classic Diffuser Refill for Cats | Constant Calming & Comfort At Home - Product Features
    • Refill cartridge specifically designed for the Feliway 30-day diffuser
    • Contains synthetic calming feline facial pheromones that help control stress-related behaviors
    • Helpful in situations such as environmental changes and meeting new pets, visitors, or family members
    • An effective, non-drug solution for your cat's entire environment
    • Feliway Refill and Feliway Diffuser designed to work exclusively with one another; do not attempt to use another diffuser with the refill cartridge and vice versa
    Coastline Global KIT4CAT- CheckUp Kit Test for Dogs, at Home Urine Collection & Detection of Diabetes, Kidney Conditions, UTI, Blood - Product Features
    • Quick, simple, reliable at home general wellness test for dogs
    • Detects the four most common conditions affecting dogs of all ages (high glucose, kidney conditions, UTI and blood in urine)
    • 4 Test results in up to 60 seconds, with a quick and clean collection method
    • Innovative and clean twist on the standard industry method for canine urine collection

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