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by Cashel
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Derby Supreme 4 Sided Slow Feed Hay Bag Patented with Warranty - Product Features
  • EXCLUSIVE PATENTED DESIGN - our patented four-sided design allows your horse to comfortably eat from any part of this hay bag while also offering superior airflow and allowing dust and debris to exit the hay without creating excess waste.
  • HELPS TO SUPPORT GOOD DIGESTION - our hay bags replicate natural and healthy grazing patterns by slowing down your horse?s rate of hay consumption to both decrease hay waste and help prevent digestion issues such as potentially deadly colic.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - our hay bag is made of super tough double-layered 1200D nylon and features premium hardware and straps and reinforced stitching that allows it to withstand whatever forces your horse exerts on it.
  • THE IDEAL SLOW FEEDER - this 24x24x9? hay bag features 1.75? by 3.5? rectangular openings which allow your horse to eat comfortably at a more natural pace that mimics grazing. Our hay bags are ideal for helping to prevent colic or digestive upset.
  • ONE YEAR LIMITED MANUFACTURER?S WARRANTY - this product comes with a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty that protects against manufacturing and quality defects. This warranty does not cover accidental damage.
CIRAVI Full Hay Bale Storage Bag Extra Large Tote - Product Features
  • Fits full size bales of hay made with heavy duty PVC polyester, protecting your straw from the harsh outdoor elements.
  • Equipped with ventilation holes to provide breathability and long lasting freshness when storing hay for horses cows or goats etc., as well as household items such as Christmas trees.
  • Thoughtfully constructed with a durable 3 sided zipper and carry handles on top and on each end for ease of lifting heavy loads.
  • Fits easily in trailers, trucks or cars, keeping your vehicle mess free and simply folds up when done to be tucked away.
  • Included with your purchase is a premium nylon bucket strap suited for hanging feed buckets up on the farm.
PSK PET MART Dog and Cat Water Dispenser (Blue) - Product Features
  • Easy to remove the barrel and chassis clean, anti-skid pad on the Water Dispenser base, can prevent pets from tipping over the water and keep the floor clean and tidy.
  • Ideal for pet owners to leave their pets at home when they are out, pets will replenish water according to their needs
  • This pet water feeder is a stylishly designed gravity device, material- plastic,Easy to use and safe.
  • The water bottle can hold 3.5 liters of water that ensures your pets get fresh water at all times,you can check the remaining of water clearly.
  • The drinking fountain barrel mouth opening device controls the water supply speed, even if it is accidentally touched, it will not spill a large amount
Decdeal Automatic Cat Water Fountain Electric Pet Drinker Bowl Dispenser - Product Features
  • Three types of drinking water mode for your choice, waterfall type, fountain type, waterfall+fountain type.
  • Three-layer filtration system, filtration + deodorization + purification.
  • New generation submersible pump, silent shock absorption design, low power consumption.
  • Large water storage design, more pets are not afraid of drinking water.
  • Silent design, will not disturb the pet sleep.
  • Warranty not applicable for this product
Cashel Feed Rite Feed Bag - Product Features
  • This spill proof design eliminates grain waste.
  • Lets each horse eat without being bothered or bullied by the other horses.
  • Constructed of sturdy, breathable, coated mesh.
  • Has straps that retract as grain is eaten.
  • Warranty not applicable for this product
QT Dog Round Stainless Steel Bucket, 6 quart - Product Features
  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Great For Food And Water
Tough 1 Feed Scoop with Measurements - Product Features
    Aoneky Bale Hay Net - Slow Feed Haynet for Horses - Product Features
    • Fits round bales 4x4', 4x5', 5x5', square bales 3x3x8', 3x4x8'
    • 3mm black nylon knotless netting, 1\" opening for slow feeding
    • Easy to fill 5' diameter x 5' axis round bales
    • Heavy duty hay net, 2200 lb load bearing
    • It include a 20 ft cinch cord
    Derby Originals Large D-Ring Canvas Horse Hay Bag with Extra Wide Gusset and Six Month Warranty - Product Features
    • Large size Canvas hay bag
    • Strong and durable reinforced seam stitching
    • D rings at the top, nylon sewn loop on the back for hanging and securing
    • Perfect for mounting in trailers and stalls
    Slow Feed Hay Bag with Newly Designed Super Tough Bottom by Derby - Product Features
    • New, improved design with 1200D durable nylon sides and backing
    • Super Tough newly designed Nylon Webbed Bottom
    • This super strong hay bag is reinforced with 108 Cross stitches
    • Easily holds 2-3 flakes of hay. 25\" tall x 21\" wide x 7\" deep
    • 2 removable heavy duty snaps with adjustable and replaceable top straps
    Yuar butee Extra Large Hay Bag Hay Bale Carry Bags for Horse,Goats,Cows,Trailer and Others Livestock (Purple) - Product Features
    • Full Hay Bale Bags with 600 denier poly PVC coated canvas nylon for extreme strength and durability.
    • Slow Feed Horse Hay Bag with extra large capacity?measures in at 100.5*42*51cm(39.5\"x16.5\"x20.0\").which provides plenty of room for most three string bales, even fitting up to a bale and a half!
    • These bale bags hay bag are great for storing hay or straw for donkeys/mules, chickens, rabbits, cattle, sheep and goats, alpacas, llamas, and other livestock, or exotic pets like tortoises.
    • The bale bags are completely enclosed but ventilated so you won?t lose hay while also protecting it from mildew and rot, being destroyed by rodents and other pests, etc.
    • Hay bag for horses bale bags have a pair of carry straps so that they can be carried around with ease. These bags are lightweight and can be comfortably fit into cars, trucks, or trailers for transportation.
    QT Dog Flat Sided Stainless Steel Bucket, 1 Quart - Product Features
    • High quality stainless steel
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Great for food and water
    • Warranty not applicable for this product
    SIMPLECARRY Hay Tote Bag, Slow Feed Bag for Horses, Heavy Duty Large Capacity Horse Tote Bag (Green) - Product Features
    • Love for Your Horses. Designed to simulate natural grazing, this hay feeder bag is a smarter way to feed your equines. The hay tote keeps them from gulping too much food or air that helps in improving overall digestion for the horses. It also reduces over spilling and hay flake loss, saving you time and money because you won?t waste feed.
    • Slow Feed Design. The round opening is large enough for all-day feeding while reducing wastage. The top opening can be adjusted to feed multiple horses at the same time. Easy to refill hay with the large top loading design. This feed bag can also be used for cattle, sheep or donkey.
    • Durable Construction. The large storage bag is built for rugged farm and barn use. The seams are reinforced with double stitching while the rust-proof D-ring is secured and tough enough to keep the hay bag when hanging.
    • Convenient to Use in the Sheds. The quick connect buckle of the strap allows you to easily hang the hay bag in walls, fence, or even a tree branch. Thoughtfully designed to ensure that weight of the hay when filled is equally distributed while keeping the feeder bag stabilized.
    • Farm-Friendly Colorways. SIMPLECARRY hay storage bags come in 5 colors to choose from. The camouflage soft-brush fabric finish blends well with other farm equine accessories. The blue colorways make them easy to find among hay stack in the stall.
    Paris Tack Super-Tough Bottom Ultra Slow Feed 1x1 Horse Hay Bag (Black) - Product Features
    • THE IDEAL SUPER SLOW FEEDER - this 21x25x7? hay bag features uniform 1? square openings which force your horse to slow down their rate of consumption, mimicking natural grazing. Our hay bags are ideal for helping to prevent colic or digestive upset.
    • SUPPORTS GOOD DIGESTION - our hay bags replicate natural grazing patterns by slowing down your horse?s rate of consumption. This both decreases hay waste and prevents issues such as colic, ulcers, and stress/boredom while increasing healthy digestion.
    • EXCLUSIVE SUPER TOUGH BOTTOM DESIGN - our exclusive super tough bottom design provides increased strength and durability, while also offering superior airflow and allowing dust and debris to exit the hay without creating excess waste.
    • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - our hay bag is made of super tough double-layered nylon and features premium hardware, straps, and reinforced stitching for superior durability when compared to traditional hay bags.
    • AVAILABLE IN THREE COLORS - this hay bag is available in three fun colors: Black, Royal Blue, and Hunter Green.
    Horze Hay Net - Product Features
    • Small loops for slow feeding
    • Ideal for traveling
    • Holds approximately 15 lbs. (5-6 kg) of hay
    • 100% polyester
    • Warranty not applicable for this product
    Derby Natural Grazer Slow Feed Hay Bag Warranty - Product Features
    • HOLDS 7-8 FLAKES OF HAY - this 19x18x26\" hay bag with 1.75\" square openings holds approx. 7-8 flakes of Timothy, Orchard, Alfalfa, or any other type of hay. Our hay bags were designed to minimize frustration and can be stuffed in seconds.
    • EXCLUSIVE PATENTED 4-SIDED CONSTRUCTION - this hay bag features Derby Originals patented nylon web design that allows your horse to eat from any part of the hay bag. This design eliminates the risk of material rips and tears found in other hay bags.
    • SUPER TOUGH BOTTOM DESIGN - our exclusive Super Tough Bottom is made of reinforced overlapping nylon webbing. This design allows for superior strength and durability while keeping your hay fresh and allowing dust and debris to exit the bag.
    • IMPROVES DIGESTION - horses are designed to spend up to 18 hours a day grazing. Slow feeding allows you to replicate this natural behavior and is recommended by veterinarians to prevent gastric ulcers, colic, and boredom-related behavioral vices.
    • ONE YEAR WARRANTY - this hay bag has a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty offered by Derby Originals. This warranty covers manufacturing defects. Accidental damage or wear and tear is not covered. Contact the manufacturer for more information.

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