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    Kurtzy Grater Hand Slicer for Vegetable Fruits Cutter Chopper Shredder Dicer with Steel Blades with Bowl for Kitchen 5 in 1 - Product Details
  • 5 INTERCHANGEABLE STAINLESS STEEL BLADES - We put 5 different Interchangeable Stainless Steel Blades our stainless steel grater settings easily adjustable, it can create 5 types of vegetable slices. Space saving and dishwasher safe, this adjustable slicer / vegetable cutter / food chopper is a must have for every health conscious individual.
  • MEASUREMENT - Circumference of the bowl is 52cm, Length of the holder is 8.5cm,Shredder = LxB is 11.5x11.5cm.Our vegetable slicer comes with five different cutting options, so you can choose the option that's right for whatever you're cooking or preparing. Why waste time with a knife, with this grater, you can get foods evenly sliced or finely grated in a fraction of the time.
  • KEEPS YOUR FINGERS SAFE - Featuring a safe finger guard that securely grips on the veggies to protect your hands from accidental cuts, this adjustable cutter will let you cut your vegetables to perfection effortlessly.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE - Our slicer is very easy to wash the slicer with warm soapy water and it is ready for another use. After drying, it is ready to safely be stored as all blades can be put together in a box and hand guard fit in the container. You can even store your extra chopped vegetables inside the grater.
  • WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU – Kurtzy always looks for 100% customer satisfaction. If you face any issues with our product, feel free to contact us via mail. Our customer support is here to assist you all the time.
    Ace All-time Slicer - Product Details
  • Abs body slicer, light yet durable design, perfect for vegetables and dried fruits
  • Razor sharp blade made from 420j2 steel, hardened and tempered to 54-55 hrc
  • Slicing tray size: 200mm (8 inches) long and 55mm (2.15inches) wide
  • A holder cup for easy slicing of dried-fruits
    Slings Plastic 4 in 1 Vegetable & Fruit Slicer/Grater with 4 Sides (Colour May Vary, 7. 5inch) - Product Details
  • Package Content: Slicer and Grater with 4 different blade, Colour: Blue/Green/Orange
  • Super sharp stainless steel: The sharp blades make it easy to grate hard cheeses like Parmesan or even root vegetables like carrots and potatoes
  • Dishwasher safe. The stainless steel surface is easy to keep clean, even from sticky soft cheeses
  • Cushion grip Handle and Base, Makes the whole slicing and grating very easy
    Kriva Kitchen Tools & Gadgets Kitchen Slicing Tool - 2 in 1 Copper Fries Potatoes Slicers French Fries Fries Cutter Machine & Container No Deep-Fry Vegetable Cutter - 1 x Potatoes Maker Slicer - 1pc - Product Details
  • ,Simply place the full potato that you’re looking to frise on the lower compartments, and then use the top housing to press down.
  • As the top housing moves down under the pressure of your hand, the potato is nicely sliced into lovely pieces that will make microwave French fries.
  • Optimized to fit well with most potatoes regardless of their size. More so, it doesn’t require considerable pressure to fries,and then It can be used for microwave oven.
  • In just minutes, the delicious fresh crisp fries is done. thus can be used effectively by everyone, including kids.
  • Made of food-safe material without BPA, safe and non-toxic..Material also can be used for microwave oven.
    CONNECTWIDE Chef'n Kale Rosemary Collard Greens and Herb Stripper (Green) - Set of 2 - Product Details
  • SAVE TIME: Now, delicious food cooking even easier and more pleasant. Striking invention Herb Stripper lets you in one moment all is not necessary to clean the leaves from the stem seasoning that makes the process of cooking a pleasure
  • EASE OF USE: Just place the stem in the hole and a flick of the wrist, pull down. No need for you leaves remain on the other side of Collard Greens. Forget the heavy manual work
  • CONVENIENCE and HEALTHY EATING: Fresh vegetables and herbs occupy the last place in our diet, healthy food - healthy people. Herb Stripper - should be every kitchen, the one who prefers healthy foods and a variety of flavors
  • INNOVATION IN YOUR KITCHEN: Will not famous assistant when creating dishes that require the presence in its composition of fresh herbs and vegetables. Fill paint whatever your salad will give your steaks or barbecue with fresh paint. Herb Stripper by VITAUS become irreplaceable assistant in your kitchen and adds color to all your dishes
    Wonderchef 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Egg Slicer, Green - Product Details
  • Cut boiled eggs into uniform slices or wedges for making sandwiches, garnishes and egg salad
  • Simply place a peeled hard-boiled egg into the hollow or slicer, then press straight down over the grid; Equipped with two stainless-steel wire grids, one cuts round slices, the other cuts neat wedges; Innovative design allows blades to cut straight down for uniform portions
  • Color: Green, Material: Stainless Steel
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Egg Slicer
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Buy Online Graters and Slicers at

For successful cooking sessions at home, you need to be well equipped with graters and graters to save the time needed to peel, cut and slice ingredients manually. Connect to and discover the wide range of graters and slicers available from reputable brands such as Prestige, Bulfyss and more.
Whatever type of cuisine you plan to surprise your family or friends, you will definitely need some sort of grating and slicing. Although no one can deny the time and effort invested in grating and slicing your food ingredients, you can actually facilitate the whole process by using the appropriate slicers and rasps for more efficiency. brings you a huge collection of graters and slicers for all the kitchen aids you need to prepare dishes that snap your lips instantly.

Graters and Slicers of Different Materials

The wide range of graters and slicers available on includes all varieties, such as graters and slicers made of plastic, metal, steel, polycarbonate and more. Depending on your needs, you can choose your grater and slicer accordingly. When choosing a plastic kitchen tool, make sure it is of high quality and very durable. If it is a polycarbonate grater and a slicer, it is safer to use a high quality ABS trench to cut food ingredients. At the same time, the blades used in graters and slicers must be effective and durable without fear of rusting too easily. For effective results, choose your cooking utensils wisely.

Multiple Types of Graters and Slicers Available at

If peeling corn is a difficult task for you, opt for the kerneler, ideal for all corn lovers. The apple cutter, available in different colors, is what you need to cut your apple at a quick breakfast in the morning. Looking for a multifunctional kitchen tool? Discover the multi-function kitchen tool that allows you to grate, cut, peel, dice, chop, slice and more using multi-chopper sets available from reputable brands such as Bulfyss, NS Tech, Shopo and more. other. Meet all your efficiency and cooking requirements with the right grater and slicer.
Finish all types of slicing and grinding in minutes and prepare tasty dishes for your special dinner at home. Buy online graters and slicers of various shapes and sizes available at Purchase a variety of such cookware from reputable brands such as Nestwell, Mebelkart, Po Chef, Magic, Home-X and others on and enjoy realistic payment options, such as cash on delivery. With India, you are assured of an incredible shopping experience.

Buy Kitchen and Dining

Food is one of the most important things we need every day. And to make food, we need a kitchen. But a kitchen, with the right elements in the right place, is divine and ideal for improving your culinary skills. Like all other rooms in your home, your kitchen must also be properly laid out and inspire you to create masterpieces. It should also appeal to your senses and help you get together as a family. Shop in a wide range of cuisines and restaurants.
There are so many elements that can be incorporated to make a kitchen well equipped. These include essential kitchen items, cooking utensils, kitchen storage and containers, serving dishes, baking dishes and much more. But choosing what is best and best can be a difficult task. To overcome this, choose what suits your inner boss. In addition, keep in mind the available space available to you and work around the placement of the items, from which they can be easily recovered. Depending on the number of family members, you can also choose what is best. You can get a dining room outside of your kitchen or an integrated dining area. You can also choose to get countertops with bar stools, which will be stylish with the decor of your home. Explore kitchen and meal products and take advantage of great deals.
Kitchen and dining products are offered in a variety of styles and designs. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the type of material you want for your kitchen and table products. Add some cushions and table mats, coasters and others to add spice to your kitchen. You can also place an assortment of cutlery and matching vessels to your dining room set. Find a wide range of kitchen and kitchen products from leading brands such at discounted prices.
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