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If your laundry room is one of those places in your home that you do not like to enter, it is probably missing one of the most indispensable appliances, a washing machine! Do not let your laundry be incomplete without one. Find the right one for your home in the Home Appliances section of Amazon. This segment includes a wide range of washing machines from well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Bosch, LG, Godrej, Electrolux, Panasonic and IFB, which have earned a leading position in the field of home appliances. From front-loading and top-loading models to automatic and semi-automatic models, Amazon India offers all types of washing machines to meet your needs, styles and preferences. They have all or most useful features such as a number of wash cycles, electronic controls, foam control, speed options, anti-crease, child lock and rinse hold.

Front Load

Models such as LG F1091MDL2, IFB Elite Aqua SX, Samsung WF1650NCW / TL, Bosch WAX 20168IN and IFB Senorita Aqua VX are just some of the washing machines that make your laundry tasks easier with their front load capability. Because they allow you to stack other items on them, front-loading washers are ideal for small washrooms and homes with no separate laundry. They are also energy efficient than their top load counterparts.

Top Load

The back of the top-loading washing machines is nice because they do not require you to bend over the knees to load or unload the washer. Amazon offers top-loading washing machines for easy washing with its range of products such as Onida WO65TSPLDD1, Electrolux WM ES65LAEB-DDN, Panasonic NA-F62HS3RRB, LG P7853R3SBG and Godrej GWS 8502.

Semi Automatic

If you want to invest in a washing machine and your budget is tight, Amazon meets your needs with its economical semi-automatic models. Models like Onida WO62SBC1, LG P8540R3FDB, Onida WO75SBX1, LG P8837R3S and Electrolux WM ES80EEWH-CLS fall into this category. Semi-automatic systems are perfect for you if you're not sure you can get continuous water in the washer. They feature a two-bin design, where you have to use manual effort to move clothes from the wash tub to the drying bin.


At Amazon India, you'll find washing machines with capacities ranging from 6 kg or less to more than 8 kg to fit the size of your family. A 2-kg model will be enough for a family of two and for those who only wash light-colored white clothes, while a family of four or more may require a six-kilogram washer. 8 kg or more.
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