Collars, Harnesses & Leashes By Pawzone

Pawzone Nylon Leash with Collar Set for Dogs (Blue, Medium Size) - Product Features
  • Medium : 162.00
  • Large : 216.00
  • Dog collar
  • Length-65. 5 inch height- 2 cm width-0. 4mm
  • It is 1. 5 inch(large) will suitable for all big dogs for example labradors, german shepard, bull dogs
  • Leash length- 150cms
Pawzone Stainless Steel Coated Training Chain/Leash for Dogs (XL)(63.5inch x 1cm x 0.3mm) - Product Features
  • Dog Chain,Dog chains
  • Lenght-63.5 inch *Height- 1cm* Width-0.3mm
Pawzone Durable & Adjustable Green Body Harness With Leash for Dogs(3/4Inch) - Medium - Product Features
  • Collar Size:min Length:28inch,maxi length :32 inch, height or thickness :0.75mm, width: 9.5 inch, leash-length:55 inch, Width:0.75mm
  • Suitable For Breeds Like:Beagle,Pug,Shih Tzu,Cocker Spaniel,Pomeranian(Spitz)which are in adult stage
  • Suitable For Breeds Like:Labrador, Retriever,German Shepherd,Boxer,Golden Retriever which are in puppy stage
  • Refer the second image and follow the instructions on how to measure and choose the right size
  • Nylon, durable and soft.This harness is for a generic fit and can be further adjusted for a perfect fit
Pawzone Red Nylon 1.25 Inch Dog Collar - Product Features
  • 1 Inch Collar Will Suitable For Small Dogs Like Pamerian,Pugs Etc.
  • 1.25 Inch Collar Will Suitable For All Medium To Large Dogs
  • 1.5 Inch And 2 Inch Collar Will Suitable For All Big Dogs For Example Labradors,German Shepard,Bull Dogs. Etc.
Pawzone 1 Inch Black Dog Collar" - Product Features
  • Lenght-24 inch height- 3cm width-0.4mm
  • 1 inch Collar will suitable for small dogs like pamerian,pugs etc
  • Colour: Black
Pawzone Puppy Black Leash With Collar Set - Small - Product Features
  • Puppy collar with leash set
  • Lenght-53.5 INCH * Height- 1 CM * Width-1 mM
  • Soft material
  • Easy to fit and adjustable
  • This is for puppies only

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