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You Save: 234.00 (47%)
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Price: Price529 Mrp Price1900
You Save: 1,371.00 (72%)
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Pupkart Dog Poop Scooper with Handle (Small) - Product Features
  • Small : 265.00
  • Medium : 499.00
  • Large : 599.00
  • BUYER BEWARE : This Product is Sold Exclusively by Pupkart and we have not authorized any other Sellers to sell this product, hence we can not Guarantee the Quality if purchased from any seller other than Pupkart
  • PUPKART ensure that every pet care product is of high quality, making it a perfect addition in your pets life
  • Convenient to use and Easy to clean
  • Made of durable plastic and a Comfortable grip
  • Suitable for Small Dogs
Pupkart Puppy Training Pads to Potty Train Your Dog (60 x 60 cm) -Pack of 10 - Product Features
  • Puppy training
  • Toilet and potty training
  • Leakage proof
  • Odour control
Pupkart Puppy Training Pads (45X60 cm)-Set of 25 - Product Features
  • Puppy Traning
  • Toilet and Potty Training
  • Leakage Proof
  • Odour Control
Pupkart Dog Training Pad - Product Features
  • These pads, specially made for use with training spray
  • Can absorb liquid pet waste for odour control
  • Training place pads are the puppy pad technology
Pupkart Puppy Training Pads (45x60 cm) - Pack 50 Pieces - Product Features
  • Puppy Training
  • Toilet and Potty Training
  • Leakage Proof
  • Odour Control

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