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Dogz & Dudez Dog Tick and Flea Repellent Neem Shield Treatment Spray for Dogs, Puppies, Cats with a Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine, Lemongrass, Aloe Vera Destroy Insect Parasites - Product Features
  • Your ultimate satisfaction here at dogz and dudez we are completely dedicated to creating pet products which are of immense quality and help to dog owners. We pets. Because of this you can rest assure that when you take from us, you are covered
  • The days of tick and fleas are numbered remove that frustration and grouchy feeling when watching your dog battling with tick, fleas or other insect parasites. Get the neem shield, the all new tick and flea spray for dogs, which is specifically formulated with neem, ayurvedic medicine, lemongrass, aloe vera to effectively protect and break the cycle of tick and fleas
  • Watch the process for perfect satisfaction specially formulated for fast results, the entirely hand-crafted blend of neem tree leaves, distilled water, lemongrass and other potent ingredients, break the life cycle of tick and fleas. You are sure to adore the moment when you see then effectively removed from your dog's coat
  • Top quality for your pet the tick and flea spray features a shield diluent water, preservatives and aloe vera juice and shield concentrate neem, emulsifier and solvent. No harsh chemicals 100% safe. Simply open the concentrate and put it in the spray battle. Mix and spray to destroy insect parasites
  • Use indoors or outdoors safe to use both indoors and outdoors, and a great option for cats and puppies too. Use for any size dogs and as flea and tick spray for puppies or flea and tick spray for cats
Venky's Freedom Natural Flea and Tick Prevention and Control Spray for Dogs and Cats (225 ML) - Product Features
  • BATTLE FLEAS & TICKS NATURALLY Made with 100% regular fixings, our tick and insect control shower keeps your pets and your family safe from poisons, harms and brutal chemicals.
  • Most extreme PROTECTION Our mix of premium basic oils and concentrates keeps bothers away with their aroma for powerful bug and tick avoidance for pooches and felines.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY We fabricate our insect and tick splash in the USA to guarantee that it is of the most flawlessly awesome quality.
  • A WONDERFUL SCENT Unlike a normal synthetic feline insect treatment or canine tick treatment, our bug and tick splash has a satisfying aroma that you'll adore.
Kiltix Trump Petz Bayer Tick Flea Control Infestation Dog Collar (Large) - Product Features
  • Flea and tick collar for puppies kills and repels both fleas and ticks
  • Unique formula for quick and long - lasting protection
  • Dog flea collar for large dogs
PetVogue Waterproof Flea and tick Control Collar - 8 Months Natural Non-Toxic Adjustable 25 inch Flea Collar Waterproof Protection for Medium and Small Pets Repels Fleas, Lice, Ticks, Mosquitoes - Product Features
  • More safety, eco-friendly, waterproof: 100% natural formula doesn't contain any toxic chemicals. More effective flea and tick kiltix collar prevention for dogs than other collars and still safe and hypoallergenic for you and your pet
  • 8 Months of continuous protection: under normal circumstances, this flea and tick kiltix collar lasts for 8 months. If you frequently bathe your dog you may need to replace it can kill flea, tick, lice, mosquito and any other harmful pests for cats. It will brings the most sufficient method in protecting your pet
  • Adjustable size: the length of the kiltix collar is 62 x 1 cm, it can fits for any types of doggy from 9 weeks old
  • Amazing gift: flea and tick kiltix collar will be a great gift for pet lover. Especially, when the flea season comes, this is a must have item for the dog. You can choose our flea can tick prevention as a gift for your own dog or the dog of your friend or your relatives
  • LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If somehow you are not satisfied with the Flea and Tick Kiltix collar, Please feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding our product.
seba Lime Sulfur Dip - 250ml - Product Features
  • Suitable for Dogs, Cats and Equines
  • An Ideal & Safe Solution for * Demodectic Mange, * Sarcoptic Mange, * Dermatophyte ( Ring Worm )
  • and also for Lice, Fungal & Bacterial Infection
  • Dosage : 25ml in 1 Litre of Water.
  • Direction for Use : Wear gloves, Carefully pour diluted dip as per the dosage over the pet making sure to reach affected areas. You can use Sponge to apply over affected areas too. Re-apply every 5 to 7 days or as directed by Veterinarian. Do not rinse or blow dry animal. Do not allow animal to ingest. If any please seek veterinarian help. Apply a protective collar until dry if necessary to prevent ingestion.
Sage Square Anti Tick/Lice/Flea/Mite Remover/Picker/Tweezer for Healthy Care of Puppies/Dog/Cat/Kitten (Random) - Product Features
  • Able to pick ticks, fleas and mites without hurting your pet
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Intensive care product for pets
  • Portable, good grip for daily use
  • Purpose for pet safety

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