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Pet Needs Combo of 3 Durable Pet Teeth Cleaning Chewing Biting Knotted Small Puppy Toys -100% Natural & Safe Cotton - Product Features
  • 100% Safe Cotton Fibber - Made of nontoxic and high quality durable natural cotton material, it is bite-resistance. Safe and soft and comfortable for teeth cleaning and gums of your pets. In heavy-duty construction and long-lasting strength. No plastic or rubber composition, environmental pollution-free, safe to play alone. Built for long lasting chewable and washable, which prevents bacterial breeding if regularly being cleaned.
  • Helpful Teeth Cleaner - Braided cotton toys assists to clean up dirt hidden in puppy teeth and train biting force by contact friction when your pets are chewing, effectively promoting the healthy growth of teeth and gums. When the puppy chew the rope cotton toys, which can clean the puppy's teeth, improve dental health, reduce dental calculus and other diseases.
  • Joyous interaction - Satisfy puppy's instinctual needs and strengthen the relationship between pets and their owners. Keep your pets happy, healthy and entertained. Available for both indoor or outdoor playing and training, better enhance bond between you and your lovely pets. Creating healthy and funny playing between your pets and you, also training your pets IQ.
  • Protection for Your Furniture - To solve the pet bite things randomly, barking, improve restlessness and increase a sense of security of puppy. The colourful puppy toys easily draw your puppy's attention, reducing puppy bites of sofa, socks, shoes, tissue, paper, table leg or others. Assist to discourage destructive behavior and chewing of furniture.
  • 3 Pack Puppy Toys - The package contains 3 specially selected quality puppy toys, meet you puppy's curiosity as well as enrich his/her playing items. Ideal for puppies. In all festivals or puppy's birthday, it will be the best gift for your lovely pets.
Pets Empire Safe Soft Fun Sound Latex Screaming Squeaky Duck Toys for Pet (Blue) - Product Features
  • Latex Big Mouth Standing Fowl Series Toy, Non-toxic.
  • Makes a Squeaky Good Sound When Touch.
  • Your pet will enjoy to Listen her/him Sound and as like play with her/him Friend , Spend her/him boring time.
  • Package: 1 Piece Color - yellow
  • Suitable for Puppy and Small
Pets Empire Interactive and Chewing Cotton Rope Toys Set for Medium to Small Pet Teething (Colour May Vary) - Product Features
  • The most popular dog toys - it look pretty and vibrant colors will attract, meet different requirements for your puppies
  • Quality and safety 100% quality cotton, washable. And dog rope toys are safe to chew, toss, interactive and fetch play because without any toxic plastics or rubber parts
  • Multifunction nice chew toys to satisfiy dogs' instinctual needs. Great to clean teeth, keep health, redirect bad biting behavior, strengthen the bond between dog and owner, decreases separation anxiety, promotes proper chewing behavior
  • Best gift to your pet not only are the best chew toys for puppies, but nice dog ropes for small to medium breed dogs. However, not nice choice for large or violent dogs
  • 1 piece(Colour May Vary)
Pets Empire Durable Rope Slipper Teething Playing Dog Chew Toy - Product Features
  • The shape of this rope slipper is very cute, it's looks like your slipper which is well loved by pet dogs
  • Made of tightly braided cotton rope that is long-lasting, pet-safe and will help to engage your pet for hours of fun chewing, tugging, tossing and fetching
  • The barking may disturb your neighbours and cause unnecessary troubles
  • It's the best friend of your pet dog when you out and reduce your pet's disruptive behaviour, save your sofa, shoes, bed sheet and valuable furniture from your dog's mouth, make your pet interested in toys
  • Perfect for Chihuahua, basset hound, Pomeranian, Yorkshire terrier and many other smaller breeds of dogs
Pets Empire Ultra Durable Rope Dog Toy, 1 Piece - Product Features
  • Cotton rope material, non-toxic and environmental
  • 100 Percent cotton clean to grind teeth, good for dental health
  • Specification 12 5cm
Cartshopper Dog Toothbrush Stick Dog Chew Teeth Cleaning Puppy Dental Care Brushing Stick Nontoxic Natural Rubber Bite Resistant Chew Toys for Dogs Pet Oral Care - Product Features
  • ?Healthy and more durable material: Our dog toothbrush is made up natural rubber which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. And they have been upgraded recently, they are more durable which will not be destroyed easily.
  • ?360 degree all round cleaning: This dog toothbrush stick covers with bristles on the four sides of top part. You can squeeze the dog toothpaste into the hole on the top, then the toothpaste will flow out of the 6 small holes which will helps pets to clean their teeth deeply.
  • ?With sweet perfume: The dog toothbrush stick infused with a fresh peppermint scent both dogs and people love. So dogs will have more interests in its new toy and enjoy to chew it.
  • ?Make your pet enjoy brush teeth: This dog toothbrush is just like a chew toy. Pet can chew it for fun and at the same time, the stick will clean their teeth. Your pet will not refuse tooth brush anymore!
  • ? Easy to clean This dog toothbrush can be washed directly with water and soap, or in a dishwasher. To prevent bacterial growth, it should be cleaned after each chew

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