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Wooden Tangram 7 Piece Puzzle Square I.Q. Development Game Brain Teaser Intelligent Blocks Educational Toy Good Gift for Kids - Product Features
  • Stimulate and exercise your right and left brain
  • Specially fit for childrens intelligent exploitation
  • Comes with a solid wooden box and cover
  • Traditional 7-piece tangram puzzle with triangle and diamond pieces and a durable frame
  • Size: 4 x 4 x 1 Inches
  • Crafted out of sheesham wood in a mix of light and dark finishes to make the game visually appealing
  • Great kids gifts idea for children aged 3to 9
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA Kids and adults will love getting this game for birthdays and other occasions
  • Different bright colors in each block.Can attract kids' attention. Make kids love this toy, then enjoy it.
  • Develop & promotion kids creative, patience and ability of practise.
  • Manipulate the puzzle pieces to match the image in diverse challenges.
Kidz Valle Fruits Puzzles 6 x 2 Pieces 12 Months - 3 Years (Puzzles for Kids, Floor Puzzles) - Product Features
  • Floor puzzles
  • Puzzles aimed at developing motor skills for babies
  • Ideal for children aged 12 months- 3 yrs
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
Crafts India Handcrafted Wooden Sliding Wood Pecker on Pole Game Toy - Product Features
  • Impact and spring friction makes the bird to slide and pecking along the pole.
  • Can be played as a group and the bird who pecks and slides down faster is the winner.
  • Can be used as a gift, show piece or collactableas well
  • Develop children's hand & eye coordination. Creats curiosity among childern and explore the power of gravitational force and friction.
Kidz Valle Match-a-Like - Match The Cards, Memory Matching Game 48 Pairs of Cards (96 Cards) - Product Features
  • 48 Pairs of cards ( 96 cards)
  • Matching card game
  • Vibrant and colorful cards
  • Family matching puzzle
TOYZTREND Criss Cross Paper TICTAC Toe for Kids with X and O in Plastic and Snakes and LADDERS - Product Features
  • Crisscross - A game for two players, X & O who take turns marking the spaces in a 3x3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal vertical or diagonal row wins the game.
  • best game for travelling
  • Suitable As A Return Gift For Both Girls & Boys
  • criss cross is a X and 0 game. bottom board is of paper cardboard. X and 0 is of plastic.
  • Suitable for all ages
Emob 2 and More Moves Classic Twister to Rock The Spots Assemble and Board Game with Spinner and Cool Mat - Product Features
  • This classic game now has 2 more ways to rock the spots it has amazing feature of spinner's choice
  • The cool mat has different color circle which enables the players to enjoy playing along with physical activity
  • This game requires more than 2 players with maximum age of 3 years
Desi Toys Best Travel Chess Set, Brown - Product Features
  • Handcrafted - artisan-crafted in fine-grain Indian rosewood (sheesham)
  • Chessmen storage - special slots inside the board, no rattling, no lost pieces, easy to carry
  • Best for travel - pocket sized, quality magnetic chess set game - 7 x 3.5 inch board when folded, the king chessman size is 1.18 inches
  • Hours of fun and excitement-fun, challenging and classic board game made in Indian sheesham wood
  • Ideal gift, satisfaction guaranteed-perfect table top game and perfect gift for kids and adults
  • Magnetic folding board portable chess game handmade in fine wood with storage for chessmen perfect gifts and travel games Indian traditional board games satranj
toykart Sit and Bounce Hopping Ball (45cm, 3+) - Product Features
  • Colourful And Attractive Hopping Ball
  • Extremely Durable, Washable, Foldable and Portable Gigantic Rubber Hopping Ball
  • let Your Child Hop And Channelise His/Her Energy
  • Keep Him Happy And Focused
  • Very Flexible Ball
Magicwand Funny Sway Insect Interactive Game Toy for Kids & Family which Grows with Your Child - Product Features
  • INTERACTIVE FUN: The Wobbly Worm game encourages children to get up and move. Theyll have a blast joining in on the fun, trying to loop a hoop over the twisting, turning wiggly worm in this colorful and dynamic electronic ring toss game for kids.Wiggly, Giggly, Wobbly Worm Game Fun! Designed for preschoolers, but fun for the whole family, the electronic Wobbly Worm game delivers nonstop, ring-flinging fun. An interactive way to build hand-eye coordination while keeping little ones engaged
  • TWO WAYS TO PLAY: Wobbly Worm offers two types of challenging games for 3-5 year olds and their families. Little ones can loop rings over the wiggly worms head as it passes, while older kids can stand back and toss their rings over Wobbly Worm BUILDS SKILLS: More than just a fun activity, the Wobbly Worm game helps kids build important skills like hand-eye coordination, timing, and patience. Watch as their sense of determination and accomplishment grows with each successful ring toss!
  • GROWS WITH KIDS: As kids grow and develop their ring-tossing skills, the Wobbly Worm grows with them. Additional wiggly worm segments can be easily added (up to a height of 3 feet), increasing the motion and making for more challenging, wobbly fun
  • FUN FOR 2-3 PLAYERS: With three sets of color-coded rings in three sizes for varying degrees of challenge, the Wobbly Worm game is interactive fun for 2-3 players. Friends, siblings and other family members will all want to get in on the action.?BUILDS SKILLS: More than just a fun activity, the Wobbly Worm game helps kids build important skills like hand-eye coordination, timing, and patience. Watch as their sense of determination and accomplishment grows with each successful ring toss!
  • ?FUN FOR 2-3 PLAYERS: With three sets of color-coded rings in three sizes for varying degrees of challenge, the Wobbly Worm game is interactive fun for 2-3 players. Friends, siblings and other family members will all want to get in on the action.
Akrobo Abalone MINI Black and White Marbles Board Game for Family & Friends - 23 cm Board Game - Product Features
  • While the game seems simple, it's not simplistic.
  • Abalone's six directions of movement require players to stay focused as they balance both offensive and defensive strategy.
  • 1 Hexagonal Baseboard, 14 White Marbles, 14 Black Marbles, 1 Instruction Manual
  • Abalone Black and White Marbles Board Game for Family & Friends - 23 cm
  • Highly strategic play
Kidz Valle Wild Animals Multicoloured Jigsaw Tiling Floor Puzzles of 6 x 2 Pieces for Kids from 12 Months to 3 Years - Product Features
  • Floor puzzles
  • Puzzles aimed at developing motor skills for babies
  • Ideal for children aged 12 months- 3 yrs
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
Melissa & Doug Round The Town Road Rug & Car Set (Cars & Trucks, Safe for All Floors, 4 Wooden Cars, 36 W x 39L) - Product Features
  • DURABLE AND DECORATIVE ACTIVITY RUG: Our Road Rug & Car Set includes a durable woven rug that features a handsome farm surrounded by a circular road system connecting a school, parking lot, grocery store, lakeshore, and more
  • SAFE FOR ALL FLOOR SURFACES: Our decorative car rug is made from durable materials that are machine-washable for easy clean-up The play rug features a skid-proof backing that is safe to use on all floor surfaces
  • REALISTIC DETAILS: The road rug activity play set includes 4 colorful wooden cars that can navigate past waterways, construction sites and schools Each car can park in numbered parking spaces, which is great for counting and sequencing skill development
  • GIFT FOR AGES 3 TO 8: The Round the Town Road Rug & Car Set makes an ideal gift for kids ages 3 to 8 Add the Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage to enhance the vehicle play experience
Go Hooked Spin The Bottle Drinking Game | Party Game - Product Features
  • Classic game for bachelor Party.The drinking game's spinner has challenges, such as \"Take a shot\", \"Just a sip\" and \"Truth or dare
Kidz Valle Ring Stacker, Wooden Stacking Toy, Stacker - Age 12+ Months - Product Features
  • Floor puzzles
  • Wooden Fun Game toys
  • Ideal for children aged 12 months- 3 yrs
  • stacks
Trinkets & More - Wooden World Map Game with 36 Flags | Jigsaw Puzzle Teach Geography | Mapology Early Educational Toys Kids 4+ Years - Product Features
  • Geography comes to life with this Wooden world map with national flags, featuring double sided folding world map and 36 small national flags
  • Flag recognition - The child will need to recognise the flags of nation and identity the country on the world map to place them. Back side of the board features all the major flags making it ideal for teaching them to navigate the world!
  • Setting small goals for improving on world geography - The kid will at times need to develop a strategy to complete the puzzle systematically. It is a great open-ended play option for schoolers who want a break from their books
  • Enhances the memory - Your little ones need to recall the location, colour, shapes, names of all the countries/continents and flags before placing them, as kids literally put together the world around them
  • Develop fine motor skills - Every puzzle plays a vital role in developing the motor skills of a child. Note: Toy is not suitable for children under three years
  • 1 Double-sided Wooden Board
  • 36 Flags of various countries
Atpata Funky 30 Blocks 6x6 Feet Snakes & Ladders with Dice - Product Features
  • For All Ages
  • Family Entertainer
  • Light-Weight Dice
  • Best Outdoor Game
  • 5 inch Dice Cube

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Change is of the utmost importance; the way the education system changes to the practical aspects of learning is amazing. Children or even adults learn best when they can actually see what they are studying. Imagine if an internal doctor studying heart surgery will know much more about the heart than he / she has read in the books than if he / she sees a live operation in an operating room. Science is an important topic that does not leave us all our lives. From the energy-saving lamp that we light up day and night, to the TV and smartphones that we hang on to every day, they are all inventions of science. Science is relevant in junior classes because it is the only subject with practical work.

What is a 3d puzzle?

Unlike traditional puzzles which are composed of series of flat pieces that when put together, create a single unified image, the Puzz 3D series of puzzles are composed on plastic foam, with part of an image graphed on a stiff paper facade glued to the underlying foam piece and cut to match the piece's dimensions.
If you've never put together a 3D puzzle before, you might be wondering what they are. Jigsaw puzzles can be beautiful and challenging, of course, but 3D puzzles combine putting all those little pieces together with building a three-dimensional model or replica. There are plenty of fun 3D puzzles for kids that are a lost simpler to put together, but if you're an adult or have older kids who want a more difficult task with an awesome result, these are the 3D puzzles for you.

Are 3d puzzles hard?

The majority of 3D jigsaw puzzles range from easy to difficult and some are at a level of almost impossible. The three factors to consider are the number of pieces, the puzzle type, and the 3D puzzle design. These aspects play an important part on how easy or difficult a puzzle is to put together.

Different types of 3D jigsaw puzzles

Are you curious about 3D jigsaw puzzles and how they work? What you will find on this page is some basic facts about 3D jigsaw puzzles as well as the different types and themes of 3D puzzles along with their difficulty levels.
Putting together jigsaw puzzles is an entertaining and intellectually stimulating classic pastime. Some people do jigsaw puzzles as a hobby while collecting different themed jigsaw puzzles and some people just do jigsaw puzzles to alleviate there boredom. No matter what the reason is for assembling jigsaw puzzles, the fact is working on jigsaw puzzles is really popular and with the advancement of technology there are more and more different types of jigsaw puzzles that are available for avid puzzlers, collectors and just about anyone who wants to keep their mind active. One thing about jigsaw puzzles is that you will find people from all walks of life and all ages working on puzzles. It's the sort of hobby you can do by yourself in the privacy of your home or with a group of people all contributing.

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Eye-catching Dolls

Made from polyester plastic, if you are looking for the only friend who can give your children the virtues of care and even share them as they grow up and learn to take responsibility for their actions, then you have found your perfect answer. Available in almost any shape, from extremely small to life-sized, and even in variants that make them easily recognizable by howling and blinking, there are now many ways to handle and find baby dolls for your little one.

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Which parent of the twenty-first century will not appreciate his technology childcare? The increasing gradation of technology has made it easier for children to get to know and understand the facts better. They can take advantage of machines that are used daily. Even the children's section is overloaded with the elements of such high-tech possibilities. A child's brain has the capacity to understand as much as possible. That is why scientific know-how enables them to be at the top of this world by beating others in terms of logical knowledge and facts.

Why educational computers

Educational computers are the miniature form of computers that are available to the little ones in a house. They are concerned with the advanced level of learning through the combination of different technologies. When your little one sees you working on a system, he always wants to work just like you. After all, a father is the hero of a child! Your young will strive to work on the machines as part of the game. To alleviate their disappointment, the artisans have devised such mini-tools that could give them a real experience of working on the computers. Moreover, it is very important for the children of this century to learn about the functioning of machines, especially computers. They get to know all these things at a very young age. To make them more familiar with such products that are gifted by men's intelligence, these devices are designed to get the best out of your child. They will be the best batting time of children and are very easy to operate. The children find it a very interesting way to learn while being surrounded by the many exciting experiences. It is the category of toys for which not many players need. Only one child could also enjoy playing with these beautiful machines. These educational computers are made of selective toys that are worthy enough to be part of the children's wardrobe for games. Learning is always welcome in the minor ages. It is an acceptable fact that you must expose a child from the smallest age to a lot of creative learning so that he is fully aware of everything that is present.

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