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By Brand : Jingyig
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Product Features :
  • WIFI dual-camera children's digital camera to see a new perspective, explore the big world, WIFI+APP allow photo synchronization mobile phone
  • A small digital camera develops children's exploration and aesthetic abilities, and a small viewfinder opens a window for children to see the world; a variety of built-in scene props create an immersive experience, which can not only stimulate children's
  • The creative combination of 24 million high?definition dual?camera + camera?recording, automatic algorithm, automatic optimization of shooting photos, allowing children to take more blockbuster movies, record every discovery, and record every day's growt
  • Enlighten 8 core abilities, develop small universes in play, observation, logic, thinking, exploration, aesthetics, expression, hand and eye ability, and imagination
  • Starting from photography to cultivate children's concentration and observation skills, starting from the lens to discover the beauty around them, every creative idea in the time when playing together, conceals the future of the child

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