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By Brand : Mavis Lave
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Product Features :
  • Two?channel video multiplexer is a device that uses one video cable or radio frequency cable to simultaneously transmit two channels of video or one channel of video and one data (audio).
  • Used to solve the problems of coaxial cable damage during engineering maintenance and the need to re?wiring for newly added cameras. This product can be operated and used without additional wiring.
  • With video multiplexing function, this product can realize a coaxial cable to transmit 2 channels of video signals or one channel of video and one channel of data (audio).
  • Anti?interference function, (video) can be used as a frequency shift anti?interference device. It is widely used in elevators, factories and mines, electric power, electrolytic aluminum workshops, roads, light pole monitoring, coal mines, tourist attractions, farms, mountains, carriages, etc. place.
  • The video V1 and can be transmitted at a distance of 0?850 meters, and V1 is a direct signal, which can transmit data (audio) in the reverse direction. The length of the central trunk line shall not be greater than 600 meters, and the distance from the camera to the shall not be greater than 250 meters.

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