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By Brand : RIVER FOX
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Product Features :
  • GOOD MATERIAL Zinc alloy and nickle-plated pins, wear and corrosion resistant. Good material ensure a good transmission effect. It is a perfect solution for those who want to make custom power cable. This CCTV camera connector kit will provide a great connection.
  • EASY APPLICATION Easy for camera installation, save time and more ensure cable connection. No welding required. Easier for camera installation, save time and more ensure cable connection. These CCTV connectors are used to connect power from your DC power source to your surveillance cameras. These are perfect for making your own custom power cables.
  • CONVENIENT PACK Smart, small portable items have a smooth transmission to ensure better audio quality. Convenient way to add a standard barrel plug input to a pair of bare wires or pins. These screw-on barrel jacks are convenient and good quality. They make it a lot easier to power a project, either temporarily or permanently.
  • QUALITY AFTER-SALE SERVICE Quality issue or any questions, please come to us. We would solve all the problems for you.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT 10 x DC Male Connector, 10 x BNC Male Connector. Positive/Negative are clearly marked on screw terminals.

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