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By Brand : Riuty
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Product Description :

Product Details :
  • Brand : Riuty
  • Manufacturer : Riuty
  • Product Dimensions : 20 x 5 x 5 cm; 107 Grams
  • Item part number : Riutyrf0iy63gv8-02
  • Manufacturer : Riuty
  • Item Weight : 107 g

Product Features :
  • Bottom hidden magnet design - The magnet hidden in the base is designed for easy installation and more stable standing in the chassis.
  • The workmanship of the detail process - The small graphics card support frame is made of three complex processes: polished anode, sandblasted anode and CNC high-speed edge-washing high-gloss process. The full anode process can maintain the durability of
  • Tool-free screw-on screw fixing support module - The support module is equipped with a cushioning anti-scratch pad and a base high-gloss process.
  • Sliding adjustment design - The graphics card bracket design can be compatible with various chassis configurations of traditional, MATX, ITX and long power supply bays to meet various user hosts.
  • All-aluminum metal material - Provides strong and long-lasting support. The VC-2, which is made of all-aluminum metal instead of plastic, can avoid the aging of plastic materials and can be used as a long-term replacement.

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