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Product Features :
  • FLAWLESS, AUTHENTIC RANGE OF SOUND - Built-in speakers offer tremendous sound, complete with 255 Timbres, 255 rhythms, 8 keyboard percussions, and 24 demonstration songs.
  • INTEGRATED LEARNING SYSTEM - Designed for beginner to intermediate-level use, this multi-function keyboard piano features 61 keys, providing a traditional piano or organ feel for versatile learning and an exciting acoustic experience.
  • TEMPO CONTROL - Composers use a tempo control and sometimes a metronome marking to tell you how fast or slow the beat is. The tempo indication, shown above the treble staff at the beginning of the display indicates your tempo: fast, slow, moderately fast, and so on.
  • FINGERED CHORD - Fingering for a piano chord is usually the same for your left hand as for your right, only reversed. The JRK661 provides guidelines for chords so that you are able to play even if the piano sheet music does not show fingering.
  • ADVANCE EFFECTS & FEATURES - Suited to master finger control, the JRK661 is a portable piano keyboard allowing users to play single-fingered and multi-fingered auto-bass chords, with the capacity to select timbre, program/edit rhythm, as well as effects such as vibrato, sustain, & ensemble. Additional features include rhythm sync and fill-in, tempo adjustment, and accompanying volume control.
  • ONE-KEY FUNCTION & ENSEMBLE FUNCTION - This awesome feature allows you to learn your favorite melodies by playing along to them on your keyboard. Simply select any demo song and play the keys of your instrument as the corresponding song plays on the speakers, ignoring any errors you make. The song can be played in any pitch on any octave of the keyboard. The \"One Key\" function is intended to familiarize the user with the song and to learn the sequence of notes. The ensemble Function can show you what you have learned, by playing the main melody in the background as you play along.
  • RECORD & PLAYBACK MODE The JRK661 is a professional electric musical keyboard which allows instant audio recording and playback so the user can review and monitor their performance. Perfect for learning, practice/studio, home theater living room performances.

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