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By Brand : CEEJAY
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Product Description :
Ideal for sheds,caravans,gates,bikes,motorcycles etc.,Pick resistant keyhole,Batteries not accessible when locked,Padlock measures approx. 122mm (4.75 inches) high,Weatherproof,Long life batteries included and pre fitted,3 special cut keys.To set the lock alarm simply remove the shackle,turn it round and push the shackle into the housing and turn the key. The unit will emit a short bleep to indicate that the alarm is activated. If the padlock is disturbed,it will activate the full alarm.

Product Features :
  • This high security design is rainproof, rust proof & weatherproof. It is ideal for garden sheds and houses, garages, caravans, bicycles, gates etc.
  • Steel Alarm Padlock
  • The lock has a built in security system that activates the alarm if anyone tries to put something foreign into the lock for example - a wrong key.
  • Batteries not accessible when locked.
  • Corrosion Resistant with hardened Zinc Alloy Body

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