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Product Description :
This is an Electronic Lock with Motorised Technology made up of Stainless Steel. It can Supports all types of Audio/Video Door Phones. Note:-For Remote Kit you have to use 12V 1 Amp adapter and needs to buy separtely for Electronic Lock you can use 24V AC Power supply or 12V 1 Amp adapter whichever is available to you, if you are using 12V 1Amp Adapter and using a long wire to open the lock using push button and the current is not enough, you can increase the current by using 12V 2 Amp adatper.

Product Features :
  • Electronic Lock with 12V 2 Amp Adapter, Remote Receiver & 3 Remotes
  • No Warranty on Physical Damage and Adapter and Burning of Lock Coil
  • This System is suitable if you want to operate the lock by remote only.
  • If you want to operate by Remote & By wired Switch you are suggested to Buy the Lock with Power Supply & 3 Remotes as per this Link
  • The Color, Shape & Size of Lock, Adapter & Remotes may Change without Prior Notice

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