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By Brand : RAMSON
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Product Description :
Ramson major dx double locking with 5 keys padlock used in your home, office,garage & shop door & shutter etc why is double locking is much better? Most padlocks will open if you cut the shackle. However, if it is double locked then even if you cut it, then both sides of the shackle remain in place. The bottom line is that you cut it once and it still remains locked and in place. You need to then cut it again to make a big enough gap to get it off the gate, chain or hasp it is attached to. This makes it twice as difficult to get into and often a criminal might give up after one cut. If youre looking for a high security padlock then make sure it is double locking. The Bottom Line is That You Cut It Once and It Still Remains Locked and in Place. You Need to Then Cut It Again to Make a Big Enough Gap to Get It Off the Gate, Chain or Hasp It is Attached to. This Makes It Twice as Difficult to Get Into and Often a Criminal Might Give Up After One Cut

Product Features :
  • Material: SteelColor: Silver
  • Item Dimension: 1007550
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Material:-steel
  • 7 Lever Hardy Lock Machine, Size: 57mm
  • Package Contents: 1 Lock With 5 Keys
  • Why is Double Locking is Much Better? Most Padlocks Will Open if You Cut the Shackle. However, if It is Double Locked Then Even if You Cut It, Then Both Sides of the Shackle Remain in Place

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