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by Parle
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You Save: You Save1.00 (5%)
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You Save: You Save7.00 (30%)
Price: Price19 Mrp Price20
You Save: You Save1.00 (5%)
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You Save: You Save1.25 (5%)
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by Parle
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Parle Monaco Cheeselings, Classic, 150g Jar - Product Features
  • A classic savoury snack made with cheese
  • Contains added flavours
    Sunfeast Sweet and Salt, 150g - Product Features
  • Sunfeast Sweet and Salt
    Sunfeast Marie Light, 200g - Product Features
  • Made from the choicest golden wheat
  • Enriched with natural wheat fibre
  • Light and crispy biscuits are perfect with your cup of tea
  • They promise you good health in every bite as they contain 0 percent transfat and 0 percent cholesterol
    Sunfeast Biscuit, Glucose, 250g Pack - Product Features
  • Wholesome and nutritious
  • Made from high quality wheat
    Sofit Protein Cookies, Mango and Almond, 150g - Product Features
    Mcvities Bourbon, Vanilla, 100g - Product Features
  • Vanilla
    Britannia 50-50 Maska Chaska, 120g - Product Features
  • Maska Chaska is a delightful biscuit dipped in butter and peppered with the choicest of herbs
  • Needless to say, this mouth-watering biscuit
  • It soon became an instant hit and a regular in most households
    Britannia Good Day Butter, 250g - Product Features
  • Itís a Smile that makes it a Good Day!
  • Good Day will act as an enabler in enjoying all those small moments in everyday life
  • With its delightful aroma and crunchy cookie bite, the new Good Day Butter just got better than ever before
    Parle Rusk, Elaichi, 273g - Product Features
  • Baked to perfection and enriched with elaichi
  • It's the perfect companion to your daily cup of piping chai
    Sunfeast Moms Magic, Fruit and Milk, 100g - Product Features
  • Sunfeast Mom's Magic, Fruit and Milk

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