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Junior Horlicks Stage 2 (4-6 years) Health & Nutrition drink - 500 g Refill pack (Original flavor) - Product Features
  • Specialized nutrition food for active nursery going children
  • Junior Horlicks is a nutritional food powder which as part of a balanced diet helps meet your child's nutritional requirement.
  • With immuno nutrients important for immune function
  • With protein and milk calcium important for height gain
    Enfagrow A+ Nutritional Milk Powder (2 years and above): 400 g (Vanilla) - Product Features
  • Enfagrow A+ (Vanilla) with DHA Plus, is a high quality, nutritionally balanced milk formula for children 2 years and above
  • Enfagrow A+ has key nutrients to help support holistic brain development important for Intellectual, Motor, Emotional and Communication skills
  • Enfagrow A+ has been scientifically designed by Mead Johnson Research and Development Center with 30 years of global experience in DHA research
    Horlicks Health & Nutrition drink - 1 kg Refill pack (Chocolate flavor) - Product Features
  • Clinically proven health drink
  • Helps meet the requirements of essential nutrients in children
  • Make kids taller, stronger and sharper
    SimMom IQ+ Maternal Nutrition with DHA Health Drink - 400g  (Premium Chocolate Flavour) - Product Features
  • Specially formulated to support nutritional needs of Indian mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Supports baby’s brain development - Enriched with IQ+ blend of brain nutrients like DHA, Choline, Iron, Zinc, Iodine & Folic Acid to support foetal brain development
  • Helps in baby’s growth - Contains Proteins for the building foetal tissues. Contain Calcium & Vitamin D for the formation of strong bones and teeth
  • Helps improve baby’s immunity - Contains antioxidants Vitamin C and E to support immunity
  • Helps in healthy digestion
  • Just two servings of SimMom IQ+ in cow's milk everyday will help to meet 100% RDA for Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid
  • Low in fat and sugar, has zero transfat and has high quality protein that help in Healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • Full of vital nutrients that help restore the nutritional status after child bearing
  • Contact us on : [1800 266 0448] for any queries on Mother or Child Nutrition
  • Provides the energy, protein and calcium needs of a pregnant or breast-feeding mother
  • Helps in healthy weight gain during pregnancy as it is low in fat and sugar, has zero transfat and has high quality protein
  • Just two servings of everyday will help to meet 100% RDA requirement of key nutrients during pregnancy and Lactation
  • Enriched with IQ+ blend of brain nutrients like DHA, Choline Iron Zinc & Iodine to support foetal brain development
  • Folic Acid: To support foetal brain and spinal growth, and to help minimize the risk of neural tube defects
  • Protein: Critical for the building foetal tissues
  • Fat & Carbohydrates: Provide energy to the mother and support overall foetal growth
  • Calcium & Vitamin D: Support the formation of strong bones and teeth
  • Antioxidants Vitamin C and E help support immunity
  • FOS (Fructooligosaccharides): A source of fiber. Fiber supports a healthy digestive system
    Nestle Cerelac Fortified Baby Cereal with Milk, Multigrain Dal Veg – From 12 Months, 300g Pack - Product Features
  • An Iron fortified baby cereal for babies from 12 months onwards
  • A source of 17 important nutrients including vitamins and minerals
  • Provides 55% of a baby’s daily need of iron in 2 serves
  • Free from added colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Important Notice: Mother’s milk is best for your baby
  • Customer care contact_us on:[1800-103-1947] , Tel: [+91-124-412-1212]
    Nusobee Casein 1 Infant Formula Tin - 400 g - Product Features
  • Upto 6 months
    Nestle Nan Pro 1 Starter Infant Formula with Probiotics, Upto 6 months, 400g - Product Features
  • A spray dried Infant Formula with probiotic for infants from birth when they are not breastfed.
  • Contains B.lactis, a probiotic culture that helps in increasing the number of bifidobacteria in gut flora of infants.
  • Important Notice: Mother's milk is best for your baby.
  • Toll Free Number:1800-103-1947
    Junior Horlicks Stage 1 (2-3 years) Health & Nutrition drink - 500 g Refill pack (Original flavor) - Product Features
  • Children love to drink junior horlicks and hence get their daily requirements of micronutrients
  • Better immunity
  • It has DHA and Choline, important for Brain Development and Function
  • Good taste
  • 100 percent daily quota of essential nutrients with antioxidants
    Horlicks Health & Nutrition drink - 500 g Pet Jar (Classic Malt) - Product Features
  • Health Drink that has nutrients to support immunity
  • Clinically proven to improve 5 signs of growth
  • Clinically proven to make kids Taller, Stronger and Sharper
  • Scientifically proven to improve Power of Milk
    Nestle Nan Pro Lo Lac Infant Formula - 200 g - Product Features
  • Do not use nan lo lac in case of galactosemia or glucose galactose malabsorption

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