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Henko Matic Stain Champion Front and Top Load, 1kg with Free 250g - Product Features
  • This detergent can be used for both front and top load
  • Henko discovered a revolutionary solution to all your clothes problems, including, colour loss, fading and stain removal
  • Dissolves tough stains like mud, ink, oil and chocolate instantly without harming your clothes
  • Remove toughest stains in one wash
    Godrej Genteel Washomatic - Liquid Detergent for Top and Front Load Washing Machine (1kg) - Product Features
  • Contains 1 unit (1kg) of Genteel washomatic liquid detergent
  • Engineered for both, Top-Load and Front Load washing machine
  • Superior matic liquid formula actively softens and removes stains
  • No soda formulation that prevents shrinking and fading after washing clothes
  • Added fabric conditioner that keeps clothes soft and fluffy, with delicate lingering fragrance
    Tide Ultra Matic Detergent Washing Powder 2 Kg - Product Features
  • Specifically designed for fully automatic washing machines
  • Provides an oustanding clean, even inside the machine
  • Removes dirt even from tough zones like collars, cuffs, and underarms which are otherwise difficult to clean
  • Ideal for both coloured and white clothes.
    Love & Care Shining Silks Expert Care Wash Liquid Detergent, 950 ml - Product Features
  • Love & Care is an expert range of fabric wash that has been expertly designed to take care of your special clothes
  • Silk is a natural protein that is as sensitive as the human skin! Love & Care Shining Silks is formulated to be gentle and maintain your silk clothes
  • Love & Care is pH balanced and has No Enzymes & No Bleach that helps retains the shine of the silk and protects the embellishments
  • Maintains fabric strength and the colour of the fabric
  • Low foam technology that avoids over rinsing and prevents damage to delicate fabrics
  • Can be used for a variety of fabrics including silks, chiffons, georgettes and crepes
    Dettol Skincare pH Balance Handwash Refill Pouch, 175ml - Product Features
  • With zesty mandarin and pH balanced formula
  • Hygienically clean hands
  • IMA Recommended
    Henko Stain Care Powder - 1 kg - Product Features
  • Henko stain champion is a superfine powder with oxygen power which dissolves tough stains like mud, ink, oil and chocolate instantly without harming your clothes
    Tide Plus Detergent Washing Powder with Extra Power Jasmine and Rose Pack - 2 kg (Rupees 25 off) - Product Features
  • Removes dirt from even washed clothes to give you brilliant whiteness
  • Has built in \"power of bar\"
  • Gives you brighter whiteness in only half the dosage vs that of ordinary detergents
  • Easily dissolves in water and quickly generates foam to give you brilliant whiteness
  • If extra power tide, then extra power white
    Ghadi  Detergent Powder - 3Kg - Product Features
  • Ghadi detergent removes dirt from clothes, thereby removing dullness
  • It ensures tough stain removal
  • It has a pleasant fragrance
  • It is suitable for whites and colored clothes
  • It dissolves completely leaving no residue on your clothes
    Cleenz Fabric Conditioner Softener Liquid, 1 L - Product Features
  • Cleenz Fabric Softner is specailly formulated Hydrophyllic perfumed softener
  • It produces a soft supple feel on various fabrics and contains active conditioning agents
  • Advance formulation and does not cause yellowing
  • Add Cleenz Fabric Softner in final rinse cycle that results in softer fabrics
  • It leaves a pleasant long lasting fragrance on the fabrics
    Syclone Matic Top Load Detergent Powder for Washing Machine, 2kg - Product Features
  • Syclone matic top load detergent powder ensures stain removal, renders your clothes brighter and makes you feel fresh like never before
  • Syclone matic top load detergent powder’s quick action high froth formulation helps in efficient cleaning of your clothes in the high water usage conditions of top loading washing machines
  • Unique triple action formulation: all-round stain removal, protection against greying and fading of clothes and long lasting freshness
  • Easy and efficient stain removal through multi-enzyme European technology which fights all kinds of tough stains
  • Anti-greying and anti-fading technology helps prevent greying of whites and fading of colours
  • Perfume encapsulation technology with specially designed fragrance beads, slowly releases mild fragrance from clothes long after the clothes are washed and dried
  • Syclone matic top load detergent powder ensures stain removal, renders your clothes brighter and makes you feel fresh like never before

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