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Kohinoor Tibar Authentic Basmati Rice, 1 Kg - Product Features
  • Naturally Aged Basmati Rice
  • At an attractive price
  • Rich in aroma
  • Everyday use Basmati
  • Gluten Free
  • Ideal for steam rice, jeera rice, khichdi, pulao and kheer
    Organic Tattva Red Poha, 500g - Product Features
  • Organically grown without pesticides and fertilizers
  • Organic tattva's poha makes delicacies that are light as air and of the healthiest nature
  • We make sure none of the artificial flavoring or polishes do not even so much as touch our products
    Amazon Brand - Vedaka Kolam Rice, Raw, 5kg - Product Features
  • Net weight: 5 Kg
  • Kolam Raw Rice
  • Processed and graded from aged paddy
  • Hygienically packed in facility meeting food safety standards
  • Consistency in quality across the year
  • Ideal for daily use to make plain rice, pulav, biryani etc
    Kohinoor Charminar Rozana Basmati Rice, 5kg - Product Features
  • Affordable Taste
  • Non-sticky rice
  • For daily use
  • Ideal for cooking steam rice, jeera rice, pulao, khichdi & kheer
    India Gate Select, 1kg with Free 200g - Product Features
  • National brand
  • Used finest quality basmati
  • Suitable for all food
    Pro Nature 100% Organic Sonamasoori Rice, 1kg - Product Features
  • 100 Percent certified organic rice
  • No gmo used in production
  • Best quality rice
  • Healthy and tasty
  • No gmo used in production
    24 Mantra Organic Sonamasuri Brown Rice, 1kg - Product Features
  • Unpolished or brown rice is different from white rice in that the second layer, which is a reddish-brown thin skin hugging the rice seed, is left on
  • Brown rice has many benefits, it's high in fibre and reduces the body's sugar and cholestrol levels
  • To get the best out of your sonamasuri raw rice brown organic soak it in water for 20-30 minutes before cooking it
  • While cooking use two parts water to one part rice and add a dash of salt and a dash of oil
    Pro Nature 100% Organic Brown Basmati Rice, 1kg - Product Features
  • Rich source of carbohydrate
  • Rich in fibre
  • Good for health with taste
  • 100 Percent certified organic product
  • No gmo used in production
    Pure & Sure Organic Ragi Dosa Mix, 250g - Product Features
  • 100 percent certified organic ragi dosa mix, made from the finest quality ingredients sourced from certified organic farms across India, instant mix
  • Grown without use of any chemicals, pesticides or insecticides
  • Cultivated with controlled organic farming practices
    Kohinoor Super Silver Aged Basmati Rice - Product Features
  • Naturally aged for 12 months
  • Affordable Authentic Basmati Rice
  • Basmati for regular use
  • Gluten free
  • Ideal for dishes like Pulao, Jeera Rice, khichdi & steam rice

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