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The Pet Point Puppy Training Pad, (17.5x23 Inches) - Set of 50 - Product Features
  • Toilet training
  • Puppy training
  • Set of 50
Electomania Pet Training and Puppy Pads Regular (60 * 45) cm (100 in 1 Set Blue) - Product Features
  • High quality material, the soft cotton surface comfortable and breathable
  • Disposable pet diaper pad, quick water absorption, clean deodorant, no irritation
  • Effective prevention of dirty, so that families, pets living environment clean and dry
  • Suitable for family pet, pet farms, pet hospitals, pet beauty salons
  • Absorbent polymer, fast water absorption, good water locking function, can keep the diapers for a long time dry
Goofy Tails Foldable Scooper with Rubber Bath Glove and Key Chain - Product Features
  • It can also be used on dry surface of coat to dead strands of hair, remove dirt and debris
  • Foldable scooper with rubber bath glove and key chain is with softer long bristles on one side for effective cleaning
  • This glove is made up of natural rubber and can be used for daily cleaning and grooming needs
  • The high glove can be easily worn on left or right hand and also facilitates lathering of shampoo
OUT! Blue Dog Waste Pick-Up Bags (120 Bags) - Product Features
    PetVogue Plastic Litter Scooper with 15 Poop Bags for Pet Cat (Green) - Product Features
    • A good helper you can get the job easily done, keeping your home more sanitary and bringing your lovely cat a healthier and happier life
    • Lightweight: Plastic material for easy access.
    • Clean & Hygienic: Do not let the dirty things on the litter shovel fall on the floor, avoiding the trouble of cleaning the floor frequently.
    Goofy Tails Pet Training Puppy Potty Pad for Dogs L60 X W45 (10 Pieces) - Product Features
    • 10 Pieces : 349.00
    • 25 Pieces : 884.00
    • 50 Pieces : 1,500.00
    • 100 Pieces : 1,899.00
    • 100% More Absorbant.uick-dry surface with built-in attractant;leak-proof plastic lining keeps floors safe from damage
    • Powerful Attractant and Order Control.
    • Natural Antibacterial Agent kills Germs and Mites.
    • Prevent Leaking & run off with Advanced Ploymer Technology.
    • Adhesive Strip helps to fix the pad on the floor or any other place you like.
    • Size -L 53 X W 39
    • Available In Different Sizes-Pack of 10Pcs, 25Pcs, 50Pcs, 100Pcs
    • Disposable training pads for dogs
    • 5-layer construction
    • Super-absorbent core turns liquid into gel on contact
    • Quick-dry surface with built-in attractant
    • Leakproof plastic lining keeps floors safe from damage
    • Carbon component for odor control
    • For indoor/outdoor/car use

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