Dressing Up And Costumes By FancyDressWale

by FancyDressWale
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FancyDressWale Miss Santa Costume for Christmas (Red, 2-3 Years) - Product Features
  • Frock , Belt and Cap included
  • Best Costume for Girls for Christmas
  • Available for various Age Groups for Girls.
  • X-Mas dress for Girls
  • Made in India
FancyDressWale Superhero Costume for Kids (S (2 Years - 4 Years)) - Product Features
  • Stylish
  • easy to wear
  • loved by kids
  • superhero
  • Action hero
Fancydresswale Hand cuff for Kids for police role play and Cop toy Hathkadi - Product Features
  • handcuff comes with two keys,Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it gently to the right to open the handcuffs.
  • Inteded Use : kids fancy dress competition, Role play
  • Soft Material for Kids
  • Hand Cuffs For Kids,Phenovo Police Cop Sheriff Officer Handcuff Toy,Police Role Play Costume Accessories Metal Handcuffs,For Kids Annual function,Theme Party,Competition,Stage Shows,Birthday Party Dress
  • Easy to wear
Fancydresswale Superhero Mask for Kids birthday party flavour - Product Features
  • perfect for kids
Fancydresswale Girls Butterfly Fairy Angel Wing, Wand and Hairband (Blue, Pack of 2) - Product Features
  • It is made of soft nylon fabric over a wire wing construction that allows for the wing to be bent into the desired angle, included are rhinestone accents, glitter designs and feathers in the middle.
  • This is a perfect accessory. Just add a tutu or dress and you have got yourself a beautiful fairy costume :)
  • Nurture imaginative play and add a little whimsy and magic to your kids? play time Designed to fit 2-12 year olds, wings are 100% nylon, measure 22\" x 10\", and are adorned with sparkles and a shimmering organza flower in the center
  • Sturdy, elegant underwire construction, allows wings to bend and hold any desired shape and are worn with matched color shoulder straps
  • Fly into a world of fantasy with our wonderful make believe fairy tale wings

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