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By Brand : Ailavi
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Product Description :
Module properties: non-isolated buck module (buck) synchronous rectification input voltage: DC 6-24v output voltage: 5. 1-5. 2V output current: 3a max (please enhance heat dissipation when full load using), the actual test result input 12v output current 2a do not need to enhance heat dissipation. Conversion efficiency: can up to 97. 5% (6. 5V step down to 5v 0. 7A) (after short reverse protection and fuses test value) switch frequency: 500khz output ripple: 10mv around (12v to 5v3a) 20m bandwidth output indicator: output voltage indicator is red operating temperature: industrial grade (-40 degree to + 85 degree) (the higher the ambient temperature, the lower the output power) output overvoltage protection: yes, input 1. 5A fuse, output 5v have 300w tvs tube clamp protection. Full load temperature: 30 degree static current: 0. 85 Ma load regulation: 1% voltage regulation: 0. 5% Dynamic response speed: 5% 200us output short circuit protection: yes, but please do not short circuit for a long time input reverse polarity protection: yes, there is reverse polarity protection diode connection mode: welding input mode: welding output mode: USB.

Product Details :
  • Manufacturer : S.ELECT204
  • Brand : Ailavi
  • Item model number : S.ELECT204
  • Manufacturer Part Number : S.ELECT204
  • Material : As shown in the image
  • Colour : As Shown in Image
  • Manufacturer : S.ELECT204
  • Country of Origin : India
Product Features :
  • USB port
  • New main chip in usa
  • The max output current 3a, long time use 2. 1a, enough use
  • Synchronous rectification, high efficiency
  • New design, 3 solid state ceramic capacitors(mlcc), more safe and low ripple

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