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BKN Trending New Alloy LED Light Air Force Car Air Freshener Propeller Perfume Shaped Air Vent Clip Decoration Fan For Vehicle Car Interior AC Vent Accessories - 1pcs, Random - Product Features
  • New Arriving Stylish Press LED Button & Fan Car Air Freshener Small and delicate, does not affect the traffic line of sight.
  • Stay away from the unpleasant smell and create a charming atmosphere.
  • Car air fresher easily attracts your guests to your home because it's beautiful, unique. and modern to create your own style.
  • Applicable gifts occasions: opening ceremony, birthday, awards commemoration, wedding, advertising promotion, festivals, trade fairs, employee benefits.
  • 0 alcohol without pollution, imported Fan perfume, to ensure that every breath is enjoyable.A pleasant scent brings you a good mood and relieves stress. Pregnant and infant can use it.
  • Save your Money - When the scent of original pad becomes weak, you can refill the pad with your favorite aroma oil.You dont need to buy a new car air freshener. A RECYCLABLE way to use.
Little Trees U1P-10945 Vanilla Pride Hanging Paper Car Air Freshener - Product Features
  • Bold, outdoor scent
  • Hang anywhere freely
  • Avoid contact with any surfaces
  • Quick, powerful and long-lasting effectiveness
Alloy Wheel Silver Style Hanging Car Air Freshener Orange Gel Perfume for-All Car - Product Features
  • Easy to install
  • High performance
  • All cars
  • lightweight and compact - Long Lasting Fragrance -Eliminate odors and refresh the air; It emits a refreshing citrusy smell extracted from natural
Godrej aer click, Car Air Freshener Refill Pack - Musk After Smoke (10g) - Product Features
  • Contains 1 unit of Godrej aer click, Car Air Freshener Refill - Musk After Smoke (10g)
  • EASY TO USE: Versatile twist mechanism to turn on/off and control fragrance intensity
  • LONG-LASTING: Clever gel technology that keeps the car fragrant for up to 60 days
  • ZERO SPILL: Spill-proof car fragrance that allows one to take on the bumpy roads
  • DESIGNER LOOKS: Lightweight modular design that sits beautifully on your car AC vent with the in-built clip
  • Also available in total 6 refreshing fragrances - Musk After Smoke, Petal Crush Pink, Fresh Lush Green, Bright Tangy Delight, Cool Surf Blue and Rich Irish Cocktail
Little Trees Car Air Freshener Vanillaroma (Cotton Paper) - Product Features
  • Eco friendly cotton paper. Easy to dispose
  • Fragrance last for 30Days (Based on open/closed surrounding)
  • Hang on to roof mirror and keep the car dashboard clean
  • Vanillaroma : A creamy mix of vanilla, coconut milk, and sugarcane
Little Trees Car Air Freshener U1P-10967 Pina Colada (1) - Product Features
  • Eco friendly cotton paper - Easy to dispose - Biodegradable
  • Each item last upto for 30Days (Based on open/closed surrounding)
  • Hang on to roof mirror and keep the car dashboard clean
  • Pina Colada : This mouth-watering combination of sweet pineapple and creamy coconut whisks you off to a tropical paradise
Zephyer+ Musk Car Perfume for Portable Usage, Spill Proof & Alcohol-Free Car Diffuser/ Room Freshener (Pack of 1) - Product Features
    YOURKARTS.COM Stylish AEROPLANE GLIDER DESIGN working on Solar Power with 360 Degree Rotation for Car Dashboard Air Freshener Perfume, with Organic Fragrance (BLACK) - Product Features
    • The Unique Features of this Product are Longer Performing, Improved Perfume Formula and can be used with many fragrances.
    • PLEASANT & LONG LASTING AROMA - The offered Car Dashboard Air Freshener is based on the unique formula which proves great for high and low temperatures, guarantees stable level of the scent to the very end of the product.
    • Durable Rubber Base, High Temperature Resistance: Unlike other perfume, our perfume has strong high quality recycled bottom glue, Antiskid Fixed Soft Adhesive can fixed everywhere, even on rugged road. High temperature resistance.
    • Hassle-free placement on dashboard and it sources the power from sunlight
    • Environmental Protection?Without batteries and without charging, solar energy can be used to rotate on its own, which is environmentally friendly and convenient.Small and practical, does not block the front line of sight,Effective decomposition of odor molecules, to purify the air.
    TOMdoxx Car Perfume with Essential Oils and Wooden Diffuser for Rear View Mirror Hanging (Lemon Grass) - Product Features
    • adopts a new design of car ornament, to decorate your car better. Wooden acorns are nice looking and very convenient to hang on the rearview mirror.
    • No leakage/leak proof. Designed with a string, the bottle can also be hung in the for fresh air.
    • Decorated Wooden Bottle with Wooden Diffuser Lid. Filled with a Fragrance of your choice.
    Zephyer+ Lavender Car Perfume for Portable Usage, Spill Proof & Alcohol-Free Car Diffuser/ Room Freshener (Pack of 1) - Product Features
    • Long-lasting: Zephyer+ keeps your car and mood fresh, 24x7, with your choice of fragrance by removing odor from your car.
    • Removes smoke and dust stench from your car making your drive enjoyable and energizing.
    • Choice of fragrance: Choose from your favorite fragrance - Citrus, Lavender, Musk, or Aqua.
    • Well designed: Your favorite Zephyer+ Car Freshener is designed to stay securely in your car's cup holder or dashboard without worrying about any leakage or spillage in your car or clothes.
    • A Lid is provided that can be used to close and open as per the requirement, so twist the top to regulate fragrance intensity as needed
    • Universal use: In addition to the car, Zephyer+ Perfumes can be used in the home, basements, warehouses, and your offices. Best used as an air freshener for cars, other uses include bathroom freshener, room fresheners and deodorizers for natural smoke smell in the car that is MADE IN INDIA.
    • Suitability: It is easy to use and does not spill, making it ideal for bumpy rides and bad roads.
    Ambi Pur Car Freshener Starter Kit, Exotic Jasmine, 7.5 ml - Product Features
    • does not just cover, truly removes odours from your car and leaves a refreshing scent behind
    • fragrance intensity controller with 1 to 5 setting to decide how fragrant you want your car to be
    • long lasting up to 60 days (based on average driving and temperature control)
    • provides consistent fragrance release
    • plastic clip covers to ensure no scratch to ac vent
    • Fit type: Universal
    Jannat car Accessories Air Freshener for Car Solar Perfume Double Ring Rotating Fragrance (Black) - Product Features
    • Concentration and extraction of natural flower and fruit tree raw materials.
    • Easy to use twist to turn on/off mechanism to control fragrance intensity
    • Without batteries and without charging, solar energy can be used to rotate on its own
    • The fragrance is mild and contains no industrial alcohol and artificial flavors,has a long-lasting aroma
    • High-purity alloy is combined with solid fragrance ring, no fear of high-temperature exposure, bid farewell to volatile burst.
    Mahak Rose & Lavender Car Air Freshener,Car Perfume with Essential Oils and Wooden Diffuser, Hanging Perfume Bottle Scent Diffuser for Cars, Natural Floral Fragrance Oil - Lasts 65 days, (Pack Of 2) - Product Features
    • BENEFITS: Light fragrant notes never fail to bring a smile on your face. keeps the ambience of the car fragrant. aids in attaining balance in physical, mental & spiritual health
    • HOW TO USE: The wooden cover functions as a wick allowing the perfume oils to evaporate into the air & thus perfume your surroundings. Whenever you feel the fragrances are too mild, turn the bottle upside down so that it permeates the wooden cover again.
    • Diffuser can refresh & clean the air and make your surroundings smell however you like, you can feel invigorated and less anxiety during long road trips, busy traffic or long working hours.
    • LIFE SPAN: The strength of the fragrances last for about 5 days each time you turn the bottle upside down. If used efficiently it lasts up to 65 days. Extreme conditions may induce excessive volatility thus shortening the life span of this air freshener.
    • Perfect for car, home bedrooms and wardrobes, office hanging decorative pendant to create a soothing and elegant atmosphere. A cute gift for your family,friends,lovers etc.
    • PRECAUTIONS: Please do not fiddle with this car air freshener while driving. In event of accidental ingestion of this products content seek medical treatment immediately. Keep away from children, pets & individuals with hypersensitivity to perfumes. To prevent damage to your cars interior in the events of accidental spilling of this product content, wipe immediately with dry cloth, then wipe again thoroughly with cloth moistened with water.
    Ambi pur Air Effect Lavender Bouquet Air Freshener Spray- 275 g - Product Features
    • Ambi Pur air freshener truly eliminates odours instead of masking them
    • Its patented odourclear technology traps malodorous particles in the air and leave behind a delightful and refreshing scent
    • Create an uplifting, relaxing ambience in every corner of your home with the mildly powered fragrance. It can be used in any room of your home!
    • Escape nose-blindness and deal with the lingering, forgotten malodours at home with OdourClear capture-block-conversion technology
    • 95% water-based, non-flammable formula makes it extremely safe for use
    • Enjoy a long-lasting fragrance due to slow dispersion spray mechanism
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    Lia Car Mist Freshener French Lavender Fragrance (100ml) - Product Features
    • Lia Car Mist available in Sparkling Citrus, French Lavender, Ocean dream and Amber Spice Fragrances
    • Fragrance - French Lavender,100 ml.
    • Each Lia Car Mist allows you to have over 500 Sprays.
    • Fragrances comply with IFRA Standards ( International Fragrance Association)
    • Directions : Spray nozzle towards Foot mat just below AC vent for 2 to 4 times at regular intervals whenever required
    ARUGA feel the freshness! Air Freshener Cool Lemon Car Air Freshener, 80gm - Product Features
    • ARUGA Air Fresheners are made from Natural Limonene Oil.
    • It has an extremely refreshing, natural and long lasting fragrance.
    • Can be easily placed in the cup holder
    • Long Lasting (upto 60 Days)

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