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TS WITH TECHSUN Car Auto Heavy Duty Battery Booster Jumper Cable Wire Clamp with Alligator Wire For All Cars (2.21 Meter / 500 Ampere) - Product Features
  • Package Included : 1 x Red Jump Lead 1 x Black Jump Lead 1 x Zipped Carry Case
  • Cable Length : 220 CM = 2.1 Meter ( Approx )
  • 2.21 meter 500 amp Jumper cables to start car, truck and other vehicle in case of a dead battery or cold diesel vehicle battery in winter || Multi-stranded copper for high conductivity
  • Heavy Flexible Insulation 500 AMP with Thickened Copper Core
  • Suitable for the biggest of cranking applications, rated at 500 AMPS, they are heavy enough to start a cold diesel in winter or can be used for general day to day duties
STHIRA Car Battery Charger, Enhanced Edition 8A 12V/4A 24V Car Battery Charger Charges, Automotive Smart Portable Battery Charger Maintainer for Car, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower and More - Product Features
  • Intelligent Digital Display: Automatic data display carousel, can display / current / voltage / power easy to operate: precise control of CPU temperature, intelligent charging, no adjustment required, automatic charging when the battery is connected to the red power terminals for attaching the positive battery (+ ) black with negative battery mounting clamp (-) Pure copper high frequency transformer: powerful and fast charging.
  • Battery Charger Multiple Protection: Overvoltage protection, reverse polarity protection (for positive and negative connection faults) Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overheating protection, undervoltage protection.
  • Car Battery Charger Application: Charging the lithium battery is strictly prohibited. Suitable for 12V (6AH-150AH) / 24V (6AH-100AH) lead acid battery (AGM, GEL, MF, SLA, VRLA), diagnose and repair battery problems and extend battery life for cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers or boats.
  • Voltage And Power Detection: Connect the battery without connecting the power supply, it can display the remaining battery voltage. Keep track of your battery status and see if you need to charge. Intelligent charging, automatic shutdown at full charge, a repair button.
  • 100% Quality Assurance: Team The latest product for research and development uses the best material. If you have any questions, please contact us, we offer one year customer service and return service.
Exide FMLO-ML38B20R (35 Ah) - Product Features
  • Maintenance-free batteries with advanced Ca - Ca system No topping up during guaranteed service life span Special paste formulation for positive and negative plates - higher life expectancy with superior charge acceptance in service Double-clad polyethylene and glass mat separation provides high reliability and longer life
AMARON AAM-FL-550114042 DIN50 (50 AH) - Product Features
  • High Cranking Power Maintenance Free High Heat Tolerance & Vibration Resistance Patented BIC vents for enhanced safety Long Life Fully sealed & tested Factory Charged - Ready to Use
iXport 12V 5A Car Battery Charger Automotive Smart Battery Maintainer Trickle Charger for Car Boat Motorcycle Lawn Mower Marine Sealed Lead Acid Battery and More - Product Features
  • [CHARGE DEAD BATTERIES] The car battery charger built with strong pulse repair technology to reverse the damaging effects when batteries are left uncharged for extended periods to improve battery performance and longevity.
  • [WIDE APPLICATION] Charge fully drained 12V Pb/SLA/GEL/AGM/VRLA/sealed lead-acid batteries and WET/FLOODED, the Automatic battery Charger is a great choice for Car, Motorcycle, ATV, RV, UTV, Powersport, Boat, Ride-on Toy, Golf Cart, Lawn Mower and more devices. NOTE: Only work with 12-volt battery, not compatible with 24-volt and 6-volt battery.
  • [LCD SCREEN] Using a backlit LCD display, clearly and visibly shows charging voltage, current, battery type, charging mode, and the percentage of power remaining. Allow quick and easy to use the trickle charger in the dark or at night.
  • [BEYOND MAINTENANCE] It's a trickle charger and also an advanced battery maintainer, a fully-automatic, worry-free car battery charger for daily use.
DigiTronix- Automobile Battery Charger for Car, Bike DG Set 12V 3Amp Fully Automatic - Product Features
  • SMPS Based Battery Charger
  • For Car Bike Truck Bus DG Set & Tractor Batteries
  • Charging Method FCBC
  • Suitable for Batteries 5Ah to 50Ah
  • Suitable for Inverter Batteries
Battery Tester Car Battery Load Tester 12V 100-9999CCA Digital Battery Analyzer for Cars and - Product Features
  • Versatile Battery Analyzer - Works on automatic 12V 100-9999C batteries, including regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, and GEL batteries for cars, SUV, motorcycle, light truck, and more.
  • Profesional Battery Tester - Test and analyze battery load system, indicating battery condition include Battery Life Percentage, CCA , Battery Voltage,Battery Resistance in case of any unexpected shutdown.
  • Digital LCD Display - Clear display, quick response, instant data reading, able to effectively read important car data such as Battery Life Percentage, CCA , Battery Voltage, Battery Resistance in case of any unexpected shutdown.Test value accurate to 0.01.
  • Premium Quality - High quality ABS material,more durable,clamps are also firmly made. Come with large LED screen and heavy duty clamp, and beep remind function make it to be more durable and reliable.
  • Mobile Design & Simple Use - Small and compact design, with a large LED screen, simple operat panel and menu-driven operation make it easier to operate. Even a beginner can use this battery tester at ease.
  • Warranty not applicable for this product
STHIRA Fully Automatic Battery Charger 5A 12V, Car Battery Charger & Maintainer- EU Plug for Car, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower and More - Product Features
  • Wide Range Use: Suitable for all kinds of vehicles, charges all type of AGM, GEL, SLA, Flooded(WET), calcium type deep cycle automotive or marine 4Ah-100Ah 12V battery: Cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers and more. Perfect for keeping your vehicles fully-charged and maintained during year-round battery maintenance or long-term storage.
  • Fast Charging Car and Bike Battery Booster Input Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz; Rated output: 12V DC,5-6A Max; Minimum start voltage: 8.0V; Battery range: 4-100Ah.
  • Multiple protection: Built in circuit protection guards against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, over-current, open-circuits, short-circuits and overheating. Avoid any dangerous situation. ideal for carefree long-term maintenance battery for car charging.
  • Intelligent LED Digital Display:displays charging status and battery status, charge voltage, charge current, etc.Automatically stops charging when fully charged.It provides constant voltage charge for optimal maintenance of the battery. Can enables optimal battery charging without fear of overcharging.
  • High Technology & Efficiency: Solve battery power, power acceleration and internal resistance problems. Using pulse repair technology to repair pulsed high frequency and low frequency, low bottle piezoelectric, has been idle for a long time, the battery does not charge the battery, has a good effect repair and activation, thus changing the battery is a good measure.
Amaron Din 45 Ah Battery - Product Features
  • Fully sealed and tested
  • Zero maintenance
  • High cranking power
  • Attractive pricing
  • Reliable performance
soni enterprise pjp 12v 7 amp battery charger with 7ah to 220ah charging capacity for bike, truck, ups, car and 12volt chargers- White - Product Features
  • 12v Battery Charger Automatic 7 AMP.
  • Can Convert AC 220V into DC 12V Output.
  • Reverse indication/protection.12V 7 Ampere Output.
  • SMPS Technology.
BATTERY BOOSTER Battery Vaccine for Car - Product Features
  • Increases Battery Life
  • Better and Faster Cold Morning Starts
  • Constant Brighter Lights, Faster recharge Time
  • For results and longest life for the battery, it is to add battery vaccine when battery is new or working
  • Don't Wait. Vaccinate your Car Batteries for Extra Life, Available in Liquid and Powder form
Tata Green Batteries 1419511267 TG Series TG400R 12 Volts 35Ah Car Battery (Under Exchange-Old Battery) - Product Features
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Daewoo Matiz (P) / Hyundai Santro Xing (P), Eon (P) / Maruti 800 Std (P), 800 Ac (P), 800 Mpfi (P), A-Star (P), Swift 1.2 L (P), Esteem(P), Ertiga(P), Celerio(P), Sx4(P), Dzire 1.3 L (P), Gypsy King (P), Gypsy (P), Omni-8 Seater(P), Cargo (P), Ambulance (P)
  • Easy to use vent plugs
  • Yuasa patented container and cover design for long life
  • High standard cell welding to ensure less shortage
  • Your old battery will be picked up by our delivery associate from your address at the time of delivery
  • Please note that by participating in the exchange, you confirm that the device being exchanged is genuine and is not counterfeit, free from any and all encumbrances, liens, attachments, disputes, legal flaws, exchange or any agreement of sale etc. and that you have got the clear ownership of the said device, in the event that you're unable to provide us with the product in exchange, please ensure that you pay our delivery associate with the differential amount as decided by the associate
4-in-1 Car Air Purifier, QC 3.0 USB + Type C Dual High-Speed Car Charger, Battery Voltage Meter, Current Monitor, Negative Ionizer Diffuser Freshener, Ammeter Voltmeter Gauge - Product Features
  • - Small but Powerful Air Purifier: Release up to 5.6 million negative ions per cm3, which can immediately remove bad order and small from the car. This high density negative ions also attach dust, pollen, smoke, &bacteria to neutralize airborne contentment to reduce the chance of allergy and asthma attack. This is the way to breathe healthily and enjoy a clean environment in any car ride.
  • - QC 3.0 High-speed USB charger: With Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, the USB port delivers the fastest charging efficiency up to 80% in 35 minutes, 4x faster than conventional charger.
  • - Real-time LED Voltmeter, Ammeter: Take turns to show vehicle's battery voltage and charging current of electronics devices during operation. Let you drive with peace of mind.
  • - USB + Type C Dual Charger: Powered by DC outlet (cigarette lighter port), allows re-charging two electronics devices in different types of ports at a time. (eg. smart phone, tablets etc)
  • - Smart Over-charge Protection: Intelligent circuit design protects against short circuiting, over-heat, over-current, and over-charge. Ensure safe and quick charging. Certified by RoHS, CE & FCC.
  • Warranty not applicable for this product
Mammoth Car Heavy Duty || Jumper Cable Battery Storage || Wire Clamp with Alligator Wire || Start Dead Battery || Emergency Line Truck Off Road || Auto Car Cables (1000AMP) by MAMMOTH by Mammoth - Product Features
  • Auto Car Jumper Cables
  • Clamp to Start Dead Battery
  • Connect one RED clamp to POSITIVE(+) terminal of the dead battery and other RED clamp to the POSITIVE(+) terminal of the donor battery
  • Mutli-stranded Copper for High Conductivity Copper Plated Clamps Heavy Flexible Insulation 1.70 meter 1000 amp jumper cables to start car, truck and other vehicle in case of a dead battery or cold diesel vehicle battery in winter
Amaron AP-BTZ4L Battery (Green,9 amp_hour) - Product Features
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Colour - Green
AMARON Pro AAM-PR-0055B24LS Capacity: 45Ah Car Battery - Product Features
  • Warranty Period: 60 months. Warranty: 30 months. Prorated Warranty: 30 months
  • Capacity: 45Ah Car Battery
  • High Cranking Power Maintenance-Free High Heat Tolerance Vibration Resistance Patented BIC vents for enhanced safety Long Life Highest Reserve Capacity Factory Charged

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