Camcorders By IVELECT

IVELECT for CCTV Camera 4 Channel Cable Splitter DC 1 Female to 4 Male 5.5x2.1mm - Product Features
  • Manage your power more efficiently with this brand new 1 to 4 power splitter
  • Simply plug the female jack into an AC to DC power adapter to power multiple electronic devices
IVELECT 5X BNC Male Plug to RCA Male Plug RG59 Coax Cable Video Adapter Connector - Product Features
  • Allows to interconnect between different cable inputs and outputs
  • Securely transmits BNC audio or video signals to RCA
IVELECT Camera Interview Microphone Video Audio Recording Mic for Nikon Canon Camera DV Camcorder - Product Features
  • Stereo Condenser Microphone Shotgun Camera Interview Mic for Nikon Canon Camera DV Camcorder.
  • Unidirectional mic, high sensibility, easy to pick up.

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