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Oakremote WiFi All in One Smart Universal Remote | IR Blaster | for TV, AC, Music System etc. Pre-Installed Library for All TV, AC, Set Top Box remotes Work with Alexa, Google Home & Oakter App - Product Features
  • OakRemote is a Smart All In One Universal Remote IR Blaster for TV, Air Conditioner, Speakers, Home Theater and DTH Set Up Box. It helps you to control all your appliances in one room using a single controller by mobile and voice commands
  • It can control all your remote controlled devices like TV, AC, Set Top Box, Speaker, Air Coolers and more in a room. It has inbuilt remotes library for Indian TV, Set Top Boxes and Air Conditioners
  • Perfect companion for Amazon Alexa. It empowers you to Ask Alexa to switch on or Switch off Home Theater, change channels on Set Top Box, change temperature of AC and much more. Also works with Google Assistant or Google Home
  • WiFi configuration is compatible with 2.4 GHZ. Switching between Netflix, YouTube and other applications will not be possible
Oakter Wi-Fi Smart Plug 10A Suitable for Small appliances Like TVs, Electric Kettle, Mobile and Laptop Chargers with Universal Pin Support, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant - Product Features
  • Automate your low power appliances, Connect it to your Oakter App and schedule, time and remotely turn your devices ON and OFF. Low power appliances include Coffee making machine, Cooler, Speakers, Lamps, TV, Aquarium etc
  • Supports upto 2.3KW (10A)at 230V, Range: 110V - 290V BS 546 Type D pin, configuration to fit standard Indian small wall sockets, Highly conductive copper and aluminum contacts
  • 2021, Easy Configuration Plug and play device requires no installation Inbuilt protection against power surges
  • Firmware designed to handle frequent power outages Constantly evolves with Over The Air firmware updates
  • 1 year Replacement Warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

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