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Product Description :
Juski is a reusable cotton 3-layer mask, which has been specially designed for you keeping in mind protection, comfort & breathability and quality.

Product Features :
  • Breathable mask for easy 8-hour usage - as per WHO recommended mask breathability scale MBPS (Mask Breathability Pressure Scale)
  • Juski anti-microbial masks protect you against microbes and prevent spread of infections
  • Reusable & Washable up to 50 times. Super comfortable with 100% cotton and light weight
  • Trendy designs to suit all outfits
  • Juski masks have three Layered Filtration Technology as per WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines: Outer layer - droplet and splash resistant, Middle layer - 99% anti-microbial with silver technology, Inner layer - 100% cotton to absorb droplets.
  • Customized sizes and designs for women, men, youngsters & kids. Manufactured according to CDC (Centre for Disease Control) guidelines
  • With every purchase a contribution goes to social cause

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