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Kids Cotton 3D Mask with 6 Layer Filtration | Reusable, Washable & Breathable N95 Cloth Face Mask | Adjustable Earloops for Boys Girls Children - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Washable
  • Fit Type: Adjustable Fit
  • Kids Designer 3D Masks engineered with 6 Layered Nano Filtration System , blocks more than 95 % Particulate & Droplets , making it equivalent to N95 Mask .Uses Advanced Nanotechnology to create a Lightweight, Breathable mask with a Nanofiber filter , perfect for kids & babies.
  • CE,ISO,GMP & FDA Certified 6 Layer Pure Cotton Kids face masks - Two layers are Pemium cotton fabric and middle layer is of 4 Layered SSMS /Nanofiber Filter. SSMS Filter is key fabric material to filterout dust, allergens, germs, odors, scents,particulates and other contaminants making it safe for kids when they are outdoors.
  • Adjustable Ear Loop and Ergonomic 3d Design for Boys ,Girls , Babies - These masks comes with adjustables ensirung its fits to most kids according his /her comfort hence provide optimum comfort all day long for the little ones.
  • Kids Breathable mask for easy 8-hour usage - as per WHO recommended mask breathability scale MBPS (Mask Breathability Pressure Scale).
  • Skin Friendly,Washable,Reusable. Super Soft and Breathable,Keep Children's Faces Clean When They are Outside.
NewBR 3 Layer Cotton Mask For Size (3-7) OR (7-12) Year Old Kids Mask for Boys Girls Children Mask Gift Washable & Reusable Adjustable Ear Loops and Ear Saver Strap .(2) - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • Fit Type: Slim
  • Care Instructions: Washable
  • Note :- Do Not Use Above 2 years child
  • Focus on creating good products that children love. Carefully selected from the cutest and most fashionable designs for children, is a good gift for them in this period.
  • FANCY AND STYLISH MASK FOR CHILDREN - Our elegant design cotton mask comes in various designs and colorful patterns. These printed child cloth mask are available in different pattern and characters .
  • Environmentally Friendly. Soft and Breathable Fabric,Washable,Reusable. Super Soft and Breathable,Keep Children's Faces Clean When They are Outside.
  • Anti-pollution, and Anti-bacterial Mask with Adjustable Elastic Ear loop Strap.
MASQ By Q-One EY-FUN 4 Layer Washable, Reusable, Size Adjustable, Anti-Bacterial (BFE>99%) Embroidered Cotton Cloth Face Mask Combo for Kids, Baby Boys & Girls (Black-Yellow-Pink, Pack of 3, X-Small) - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • 4 Layered Protection: 1st Layer of Cotton Fabric-2nd layer of non-woven Interlining fused with top layer-3rd Layer of AntiBacterial Material, 4th Layer of 100% Cotton - skin friendly absorbent material
  • AntiBacterial Cloth Face Mask with Bacteria Filteration Efficiency (BFE)> 99%, Washable & reusable upto 30 times
  • EAR LOOPS made of Premium Tubular Elastic-Soft on ears-facilitates ease of wearing, Attractive ADJUSTERS for Perfect Fit and Comfort
  • Member of HIGGS-SEDEX-BSCI-GOTS & ISO 9001:2015 Certified company
  • Get a Lanyard with each mask, In-total you get 3 Lanyards with this Combo.
ARiANA DuoSafe Unisex Kids Very Fine Cotton Cloth Reusable Face Mask (Extra Small 2-4 Years, Mixed Designs and Colors, Multicolour) - Product Features
  • Made from very fine 100% cotton Cloth (high thread count)
  • Reversible ? (2 different colours/Designs)
  • Re-usable, Hand-wash Only
  • Breathable, Stretchable, Soft & Comfortable, Unisex
  • ARiANA Masks will fit an estimate of 70% of the recommended age group due to the differences in facial structures of children. We are constantly improving mask sizes, however if your child happens to be in the 30% please opt for a bigger size.
Codeskip Kids Non Woven Fabric Washable And Reusable Head Loop N95 Mask with 4 Layer without Valve Pack of 10 (For Age Up to 14 Years, Multicolour) - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Washable
Zero Risque Re-usable Face Mask with Headband and Earloop Adjuster (Pack of 2)| Treated with Heiq Viroblock NPJ03 | Advanced Silver & Vescicle technology | EPA registered - Product Features
  • Heip Viroblock treated Antimicrobial mask carrier pouch: Allows to carry the mask safely. It ensures that the mask is protected inside the pouch and is not directly exposed to microbes
  • Water repellent & splash resistant: The mask construction & treatment makes it water repellent & splash resistant. Hence protecting from getting dirty & soiled even after wearing for long period
  • Dermatologically tested chemical treatment: Heiq Viroblock NPJ03 is US EPA registered, EU BPR & EU REACH compliant. This ensures that it is safe and harmless to skin & body
  • Unique Design that is proprietary property of Kamadgiri Fashion Limited: The mask provides utmost comfort to the wearer even after wearing for long duration. Its unique ergonomics allows increased comfort & protection. The combination of mask & headband ensures that there is no discomfort behind ears even after wearing for long duration
  • Kindly check out product description for more information and Thanks for shopping with Zero Risque.
  • Additional head band is in the envelope
Divine Pack of 10 Multicolor Printed Kids N95 Mask Earloop for kids 3 to 8 year Reusable & Washable mask (certified by ISO CE) - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Washable
  • 5 layer mask Highly breathable, durable. Reusable and washable
  • ISO CE certified Mask
  • Soft elastic ear loop design of the N95 face mask can help to fit different human faces,
  • Adjustable inside nose clip provides a secure fit for better protection and makes the N95 masks join tightly to the face
7SHIELD Kids Size Black dot printed Face Mask with Nose clip and soft fabric ear loop Mask 3 ply disposable filter protection breathable dust proof Water Resistant Surgical Mask - Product Features
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Mask size is specially created for children?s face size which fits most of the kids perfectly
  • Ear Loop are made of soft fabric ear loop And Face Masks Are Made With Soft Material That Makes It Perfect For Long Duration Use. Easy To Use, Disposable Mask Covers The Mouth, Nose, And Chin. Breathable Face Mask Is With A Built-In Adjustable Nose Clip, Just Press It Gently To Fit The Nose Bridge To Better Seal Your Face.
  • 3 Layers Of Material - The Mask Is Made Of 3 Layers Of High-Quality Non-Woven Fabric
  • Size Specially Design For kids - Our Face Masks Are Suitable For kids Making Them Ideal To Keep In Your Home In Case Of An Emergency.
  • Attractive printed Design for kids
Suchi 3 Ply Disposable Surgical Pullout Mask for Kids with Meltblown Filter, Nose Pin and Broad Earloop for Comfort (Blue, Pack of 100, for Boys and Girls) - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Non Washable
  • Fit Type: Standard Fit
  • 3 Ply Disposable Surgical Masks for kids with Nose Pin, Melt Blown Filter Layer, Wide EarLoop for comfort
  • Pack of 100 3 Ply Disposable Masks for kids, 3 ply surgical mask with nose pin for boys, 3 ply disposable mask for girls, 3 play mask for kids, 3 ply surgical face mask, Suchi mask kids, disposable face masks for kids, disposable masks pack of 50, disposable mask with nose pin, wide strap mask, disposable mask for children
  • Bacterial Filtration Effiency(BFE) ? 98.5%,Particle Filtration Effiency (PEE) ?94%. CE certified mask
  • Mask Has Inside NOSE PIN. An Ultra soft non latex earloops so Mask Can be Used For Long Time Without Hurting Your Ears Which Gives More Comfort.
  • Mask Has 3 Layer Outer, Middle and Inner || Outer Layer is Water Resistant Layer Which Helps to Block Outside Droplet || Middle Layer is Filtration Layer Which Block Germs, Bacteria, Pollution, Dust etc || Inner Layer is Skin Friendly Layer Which Observe Inside Moisture
MASQ By Q-One Annular 4 Layer, Reusable, with Lanyard & Ear Adjusters, Anti-Bacterial, BFE>99% Embroidered Cotton Cloth Face Mask for Kids (7-12 Years, Black-Navy-White, Pack of 3, Without Valve) - Product Features
  • Fit Type: Adjustable Fit
  • 4 Layered Protection: 1st Layer of Cotton Fabric-2nd layer of non-woven Interlining fused with top layer-3rd Layer of AntiBacterial Material, 4th Layer of 100% Cotton - skin friendly absorbent material
  • AntiBacterial Cloth Face Mask with Bacteria Filteration Efficiency (BFE)> 99%, Washable & reusable upto 30 times
  • EAR LOOPS made of Premium Tubular Elastic-Soft on ears-facilitates ease of wearing, Attractive ADJUSTERS for Perfect Fit and Comfort
  • Member of HIGGS-SEDEX-BSCI-GOTS & ISO 9001:2015 Certified company
Maple MP-02 Printed Cotton Face mask For Women Fashion 3 Layer Reusable & washable Anti Pollution Men Boys Girls Kids Mask Unisex free size - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Washable
  • Fit Type: Adjustable Fit
  • 3 LAYERED PROTECTION PRINTED COTTON FACE MASK FOR WOMEN, MEN, TEENS, BOYS, GIRLS AND KIDS UNISEX - Make In India Initiative, Supporting Local Tailors and Sourcing Local for Raw Material-This Face Mask is Washable/Reusable Soft & Breathable & is made from high quality Cotton fabric, that is soft and gentle on your skin, while still being highly breathable.
  • INTRODUCING ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT ( POTECTION WITH STYLE ): Ultra-light Weight & Precisioned Design cut for wider coverage and maximum protection Sutable all facial movements. . Soft elastic ear loops for extra comfort and wearing all day long. The elastic used in our masks does not cause ear band strain & fatigue. The straps does not loosen up even after multiple wash.
  • MADE OF PREMIUM QUALITY COTTON MATERIAL : This Face Mask is Anti-pollution, Anti-dust and Anti-bacterial. It has 3 Layer Protection system . The First Outer Layer filters the thicker particles keeping you safe, Second Inner Layer is a filtration System, Third Inner Layer provides comfort to your skin during long term wearing.
  • SENSIBLY DESIGNED FOR ALL SEASON TYPES: Designed for all weather situation keeping in mind breathing quality and comfort. This Face Mask is a reusable outdoor product and keeps you safe from dangerous pollutant such as dust, air pollution,germs, allergies, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen, crafts, gardening, travel, anonymity, outdoor sports, haze day protection, pets & pet grooming sanding, travelling in bus, industry, household, hospital & public places etc.
  • PACKAGING QUANTITY : This Mask Comes In a 4 Piece Packing with Multicoloured Printed Masks And One Attractive Pouch Provided For storage and Carrying . These are one size fits all universal mask & Can be used by men, women and Teen. It?s a must for every ride and outdoors.
VEMARUSH (PACK OF 20) 5 Layer Kids N-95 Mask For Boys, Kids, Girls Cartoon Printed Mask For 3 To 8-9 Year Old Boys & Girls, Reusable & Washable Face Mask For Kids, Children - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Washable
  • FULL SAFETY DESIGN FACE MASK FOR KIDS: The 3D shape face mask is designed according to the human face shape to ensure the tightness, to increase the breathing volume of the, to greatly improve the permeability, and to make wearing and exhaling more comfortable. Disposable N95 mask designs effective in protecting against dust and air pollution, safeguard your health. Please dispose of the breathing N 95 mask properly after use. These are not reusable face masks.
  • N95 Kids 5 LAYERS MASK: Layer1: Non-Woven; Layer2: Melt-Blown ; Layer3: Hot Air Filter Cotton; Layer4: Melt-Blown Woven, and Layer5: Skin Friendly Non-Woven. Three layers of non-woven cloth, two layers of melt-blown fabric. Inner skin-friendly layer absorbs the moisture from the breath, which makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. The cup design provides comfort through its secure fit to the face of most adults. This breathable mask ensures the maximum filtration capabilities of the mask.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY FACE MASK : Disposable N95 masks Protection filtrate 95%. Made of 5-layer, non-woven fiber with soft and breathable fabric while providing the most effective protection. The mask for face moderate thickness for particle absorption. High efficiency in filtering out particles. Especially protection masks made with safe materials that have an unscented smell and have no chemical odor for your convenience and pleasurable usage.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: This N95 pollution mask is super comfortable and breathable too! N95 mask for pollution is easy to wear all day, won't make you sweat, and will provide protection while you live your life. The elastic ear straps are comfortable and convenient for most men and women to wear, even with glasses. The mask with nose clip in the front offers a custom fit for your face, ensuring the white mask will not slip off while wearing it.
  • MULTI COLOR: N95 face mask is available in multi color, N95 mask pack single pis packing bag, enough to meet your family /staff /friends' demands. A lightweight and foldable design make these face mask N95 mask easy to fold into your bag and take along on a trip. N95 face mask is perfect for sports, hiking, or climbing, they are a great item to take along when you will be among people and want to stay safe.
Filtra 3-Ply Ear Loop Mask Kids Cartoon BFE > 99% (Pack Of 50 Nos) Multi - Product Features
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) - ASTM F 2101 > 99%
  • Splash/Fluid Resistance 160 mmHg ? ASTM F1862
  • Low Breathing Resistance (Delta P) - MIL-M-36954C
  • Flammability (Class 1) ? 16 CFR Part-1610
  • Expiry: Use within 3 years of manufacturing date Usage: Extend over face, press nose clip in position, affix ear loops in position Warnings: Discard after 8 hours continuous use
CARE VIEW Kids N95 Face Mask (Pack of 5 + 1 Free), MIX Colors,5 Layered Filtration, DRDO, BIS (ISI),CE Certified, Ear Loop Style - Product Features
  • PERFECT FIT FOR KIDS : Care View Kids N95 Masks are perfect Kids in the age of 8-15 Years
  • 5 Layered Filtration : Care View Kids N95 masks are made of 5 layered filtration,where 1st layer is Hydrophobic SSS Grade Non Woven Layer, 2nd Layer is Melt Blown Fabric, 3rd Layer is Nano Technology Filtration Layer, 4th layer is Hot Air Cotton Layer, 5th Layer is Hydrophilic SSS Grade 30 GSM Non Woven Fabric Layer
  • CERTIFICATIONS: Care View KidsN95 masks are DRDO, SITRA, BIS (ISI) certified masks, ensuring 100% safety of kids. Also it?s a produce of GMP, ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • Highly Elastic and Comfortable Ear Loops : Care View Kids N95 Masks are made from Super fine quality of Elastic Ear Loops which are highly stretchable and less in weight. The Care View Masks adds no pressure on the face of the Kids.
  • PFE . 95% and BFE . 99% : Care View Kids N95 masks give Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) ? 95% and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ? 99%. These Filtration levels are certified and tested by Third Party Labs like SGS, etc & are also certified by SITRA, DRDO, BIS (ISI) making it absolutely safe to wear.
  • Adjustable Aluminum Nose Clip : Care View Kids N95 masks has an Adjustable Aluminum Nose Clip, which can be adjusted according to the contour of the face giving snug fitting and no chance for the pollens to pass through.
  • Sweat Absorbing : Care View Kids N95 masks inner most layer is a Hydrophilic Layer, which means it absorbs all the moisture and Sweat on the face making it usable for long hours.
Maple Cotton Face Mask for Kids | Reusable and Washable | Anti Pollution | 3 Layer Filtration | Protective kid Mask | Assorted Fashionable for Girl Boys Unisex - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Washable
  • Material :100% Cotton Poplin fabric
  • Filtration : 3-layer filtration through three layers of cotton
  • Usage : Highly breathable, doesn't retain odour, absorbs moisture and dries quickly
  • Benefit : Hypoallergenic, it is perfect for sensitive skin
  • Note : Print & Design of the mask may change
Naturyz N95 NIOSH & ISO Certified Kids Face Mask with 6 Layer Protection | Adjustable Ear Loops & Nose Clip for Boys & Girls | Multicolour - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Washable
  • 6 LAYER PROTECTION: Naturyz Multicoloured Kids Face N95 Mask reusable & washable for both Boy & Girl has multi-layered filtration technique for higher filtration & can be used multiple times
  • EASY BREATHING & ADJUSTABLE EAR LOOP: The unique design of Kids Face N95 Mask is suitable for any face providing more ventilation space & comfort. The adjustable earloop provide comfort & protection by stopping air from entering any side of Mask
  • 95%+ FILTRATION EFFICIENCY: With 6 layer filter consisting of Melt Blown filters for Bacterial & Small particle filtration and an activated carbon filter to protect from smog & hazardous gases, the Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask provides 95%+ BFE
  • ADJUSTABLE NOSE CLIP: Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask is made up of a nose clip to stay in a better place and keeps the mask from sliding down to the face. It helps kids who wear glasses will keep their lenses from fogging up
  • NIOSH & ISO Certified Mask: Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask is NIOSH certified and ISO marked mask. Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask Washable has better air permeability is lightweight, waterproof, and provides better filtration

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