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by Sunbaby
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Divyog Baby Kids Foldable Potty Trainer Seat for Toilet Potty Stand | Ladder Step up Training Stool with Non-Slip Steps Ladder Adjustable Foldable for Boys Girls Toddlers Kids - Product Features
  • Package Included: 1 x Baby Toilet Training Seat
  • Material : Plastic
  • Easy assemble, no tools required
  • Color :Multi Color will be send as per availability.
  • The portable potty seat makes use of over-the-toilets with a built-in stool stool, and a comfortable, child-friendly toilet seat insert for toilet seat training.
GOCART WITH G LOGO Adjustable Toilet Training Seat with Sturdy Non-Slip Wide Step and Soft Cushion for Baby (Lake Blue) - Product Features
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE - Our potty trainer is made of high quality PP,can hold 60kg mostly,sturdy enough when your toddler climbs up/down.
  • EASY TO ASSAMBLE - Easy to install according our instruction.and our potty toilet seat is suitable for V-shaped, U-shaped, O-shaped toilets, not for square toilets and It is very easy to remove and fold up.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOOTREST - Our potty training seat is suitable for 1-10 years old,as the footrest is adjustable(2 choice of height) so you can continue to use it when kids grow up.
  • THIS UPGRADED TOILET SEAT HAS MANY ADVANTAGES-adjustable ladder design for different heights, avoiding urine splash when designing, soft removable cushion design, comfortable and clean use, foldable design.
  • FITS MOST STANDARD TOILET SEATS-U?V? O shape are all suitable, except for square shape. Fits standard height toilets which ranging in height from 14\" to 16.5\" from floor to toilet bowl seat.
  • PACKAGE DIMENSION- 60 x 37x 8 CM., Product dimension is 17X12.6X12 inch
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE-The potty training can be easily removed, washed, rinsed, dried, and securely replaced; This toddler potty chair is really easy to assemble and was created to make potty training easier; The removable soft cushion seat make cleaning your kids toilet seat simple;
  • TRAIN CHILDREN'S INDEPENDENCE-Our toilet trainer can help your child learn to go to the toilet independently. The handrail design gives them feeling of security while on toilet, freeing your hands and encouraging them to be independent
BabyTeddy Patented Baby Potty Training Seat Chair Toilet Trainer Cushioned With Steps Ladder And Easy Grip Handle 1-8 Years Age Kid (Yellow) - Product Features
  • Potty training is big milestone of your baby. It is the most messy, hectic, and scary not only for parents, but your baby is scared too. Your Baby is afraid of the big adult seat with their tiny legs unable to reach ground nothing to hold makes them anxious and scared.
  • Just a small toilet seat on top of adult seat hardly helps as its still scary without anything to hold to step up on. An adult holding his hand to support will make him dependent, uncomfortable. now the small independent toilets are not only messy to clean but also you would have to potty train your baby twice once in independent seat and again for the adult seat.
  • Now we came up with a simple solution-BabyTeddy patented potty training seat with ladder. The BabyTeddy potty training seat is designed with a cute giraffe which makes potty training less scary and more fun.
  • Your sweet pea loves to mimic you so using this potty seat will make your baby feel like a 'grown up' with more confidence and sense of security as little giraffe?s ears are two small handles for those tiny fingers to hold. Anti-slip step makes it safe and easy to go up and down and turn around independently catching giraffe?s ears.
  • The soft cushion helps those delicate cute bottoms to rest for a longer time without any redness indirectly helps mom to form a habit at a fix time and encourages baby to completely empty their bowels without urge to get up and move.
  • Mom be patient every baby is different and there is no fixed age to potty train considering this we have designed it to fit from age 1 up to 8 years with two levels of hight adjustment to ensure your baby is comfortable at any age and whenever he/she is ready to be potty trained.
  • Ok so in short its sturdy, nontoxic, comfortable, hight adjustable, foldable, universal fit (not for square though), anti-splash, anti-skid and not to mention a unique super cute design to make a fun time every potty/susu time.
Zollyss Potty Training Seat for Boys And Girls, Fits Round & Oval Toilets, Non-Slip with Splash Guard, Includes Free Storage Hook - Product Features
  • Our Toilet Training Seat fits most standard toilets securely. The stylish pink color is perfect for your girls.
  • Specially Designed Splash Guard: Prevents urine from spilling out of the toilet and keeps your bathroom clean!
  • Made with a non-slip materials, allowing your child to gain confidence when using the bathroom as a beginner.
  • Baby Potty Training Seat is so simple for your child to use. It?s light weight so your child can place the potty on the toilet seat. When your child is done, they simply place it back on the hook! Perfect for travel as well!
Nabhya Rocket Style Baby Potty Training Seat- Chair for Kids- Infant Potty Toilet Chair with Removable Tray & Closing Lid (6-36 Month) (Blue) - Product Features
  • Baby Potty Training Seat With Removal Tray Potty Seat
  • Sliding type removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Lids provided for closing when not in use
  • Perfect for kids of age group: 5 - 36 months
  • Product Dimensions -40 cm,31cm ,27cm
GOCART WITH G LOGO Adjustable Soft Cushion and Anti-Slip Pad Double Handrail Toddler Toilet Potty Chair (Pink) - Product Features
  • COMFORTABLE AND SAFE - Soft padded seat with unique anti-cold feature offers great comfort even in freezing winter. The anti-slip wide step and double handrails design make it more safer and convenient for babies to go up and down the ladder. The non-slip foot pads and 6 pieces Non-slip rubber mat at the bottom of the seat ensure a stable toilet training step stool
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN - The potty toilet seat turns adult-size toilets into cute kids-friendly ones that make kids feel like to use. Suitable for most kids(Recommended Age from 1 to 7 Years Old); Universally applicable for 99% standard-sized toilets like V shape, U shape, O shape(NOT for Square)
  • EASY ASSEMBLY AND STORAGE - Very easy to assemble and storage. Can be folded compactly behind the door when not use, save your bathroom more space
  • FOLDABLE AND ADJUSTABLE- The height of pedal can be adjusted (two choices of height) according to your babies' height. With high quality PP material, very sturdy and durable to hold up to 75.5KG (166lb). Can be folded compactly behind the door when no use, save your home more space.
  • DOUBLE HANDRAILS&NON-SLIP SAFTY DESIGN- Non-Slip floor pads give a firm grip to the floor and secure the toilet seat against the toilet. Adopt Non-slip foot pads and 6 pieces Non-slip rubber mat (at the bottom of seat), its foot can be rotated to suitable for the different height of your toilet. Easy to grip no-slip handles provide support when children are seated. The design ensure the highly safety for your child, give your child security on the potty they can feel.
  • EASY TO TRAIN POTTY-With potty seat training toddlers could climb up and use toilet independently and get rid of urinal. This toilet ladder seat is suitable for most kids (Recommended Age: 1-7 Years Old). Fits toilets ranging in height from 14\" to 16.1\" from floor to toilet bowl seat. Does NOT fit high toilets which over 16.1\" high.
  • PROMOTES INDEPENDENCE - This portable potty training seat with ladder is designed for safety and allows your child to use the toilet independently.
Kidbee Baby Portable Plastic Baby/Infant/Kids Potty Training Toilet Lavatory Seat Cover Upto 6 Years (Red) - Product Features
  • Easy to use: Place securely on top of a regular toilet seat.Easily Fits on almost all Standard toilet commodes
  • Portable: Slim and lightweight to fit in your luggage. Take it along while traveling in trains or planes - or just use at home.
  • Key features: Durable, safe, slim and Light weight Easy to Use & Clean, Portable
  • Get Free from the Hassles of Cleaning the Potty Training Chair or Pots.
  • Seat Dimensions: L 40 x b 32 x h 7 cm
SYGA Baby Toilet seat Safe Soft Training seat Potty Sitting Ring with Handles Bathroom Trainer closestool Cover (Pink) - Product Features
  • Cushioned potty seat Easy to place on top of a standard-sized household toilet
  • Easy to use and portable & Excellent for use in public restrooms
  • Vibrant Color attracts your child.
  • A wonderful gift for the mother on the go
  • Your baby learns to clean his system around a certain estimated time. This helps prevent Constipation & Urinary infections. Also , the Child learns to use the Adult Potty before entering the Playschool.
Little kidsComfort Premium Baby Potty Training Seat with Covering Lid - Product Features
  • Comfortable seat: The Comfort plays most important role during first time learning of Sanitary habits. The seat is designed keeping baby's comfort in mind.
  • Comfortable High Back Structure: The higher back structure allows good support during baby's potty training and also prevents baby from falling back.
  • Easy for washing: Easy curves and finishes on the designs makes it easy to clean the seat after usage.
  • Lid to cover: Happy pottycomes with a lid cover to prevent foul smell after usage.
LWVAX Potty Toilet Seat with Step Stool ladder, Trainer for Kids Toddlers W/Handles (Colour May Vary) - Product Features
  • Extremely with anti slip pads - turns adult-size toilets into cute kids-friendly ones that make kids feel like to use. Contoured seat provides comfy and safe seating with anti-slip pads beneath
  • Adjustable steps w/ built-in splash - built-in splash guard helps keep seat clean. Adjustable wide non-slip step at two heights and handles for easy climbing
  • Fits most standard sized toilets - fits most standard-size toilets with adjustable legs that accommodate different toilet heights
  • Easy assembly/easy clean - easy assembly and folding for storage
Sunbaby Potty Trainer (Green Orange) - Product Features
  • Easy for washing
  • Has a comfortable anatomical seat
  • Light and it easy to carry with smooth edges
  • Higher side structure makes baby more comfortable and safe
  • With cover to prevent from germs
  • Items included in package
  • One regular potty seat
Soft Cushion Comfortable Potty Trainer Seat for Potty Training Seat with Support Handles for Kids - Assorted Colour - Product Features
  • Cushioned potty seat
  • Easy to place on top of a standard-sized household toilet
  • Easy to use and portable & Excellent for use in public restrooms
  • Colorful with printed animated charracter
  • A wonderful gift for the mother on the go
KORBOX Toilet Trainer Potty Training Seat- Chair for Kids- Infant Potty Toilet Chair with Removable Tray & Closing Lid (GREEN) - Product Features
  • Baby Potty Training Seat With Removal Bowl Potty Seat
  • Removable Bowl for easy cleaning
  • Lids provided for closing when not in use
  • Perfect for kids of age group: 5 - 36 months
  • Product Dimensions -39 cm,34 cm,27 cm
Baybee Baby Potty Training Seat for Kids- Infant Potty Toilet Chair with Removable Tray Toys for Babies 0-5 Years Old Child for Toddler Girl Boys (Beige) - Product Features
  • SAFETY: 1st - All our Potty Training Kit are EN 15883 Certified which is most stringent certification defined by European standards for safety of Babies and Toddler. Every minor point is considered to give safest product to your Baby.
  • MATERIAL: It is made from strong durable Virgin PVC plastic and is odorless. Our Baybee Potty helps your kid to progress from using a diaper to a potty- toilet seat. The Potty Training Kit is made from non-toxic and BPA free Virgin PVC Plastic that it remains hygenic and strong after many days use and clean.
  • NON-SLIP ARMREST DESIGN: baby stable armrest is not afraid of falling, Children grip is safer, mother moves toilet more convenient Non-slip design at the bottom of the toilet: stable and not easy to slide, ensuring safety and stability during use.
  • COMFORT WHERE IT MATTERS MOST: Child potty seats feature luxurious ComfySeat material which helps your child feel comfortable.
  • IDEAL FOR HOME AND ON THE GO: Our potty training seat is lightweight and fairly thin, making it the ideal Portable seat for use at home and when you're on the go. It's also the best seat for Travel so your little one has a clean and safe place to sit. This will improve your child's potty training experience along with decrease your frustration with cleanliness.
Mee Mee Cushioned portable baby Potty Seat for Toilet training with Easy grip support handles - Product Features
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Fun character to encourage toilet training
  • Softly padded seat for comfort and warmth to help make your child feel comfortable and secure
  • Potty sea is made of hygienic materials BPA free
Tender Care Cushioned Potty Seat with Easy Grip Handles and Comfortable seat (Sky Blue) - Product Features
  • Easy to place on top of a standard-sized household toilet
  • It Ensures Smoother Transition at Adult's Toilet.
  • Can be cleaned using mild soap and water
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Cushioned potty seat

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