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Big bro Fitness Kids Plastic Cricket Set for 5-10 Years (1 Cricket Bat, 3 Wickets, 1 Base, 2 Bails, 1 Wind Ball, 1 Kit Bag) - Yellow - Product Features
  • IN Box Content- 1 Piece Plastic Cricket Bat Size 2 Length 26'' inches
  • Piece Plastic Wickets Length 23'' Inches
  • This cricket set has been specially designed to give future cricketers a flying start to their caree
  • A great way to make exercise fun and help children develop healthy habits
  • ade of non-toxic virgin plastic; Strong, sturdy and fine finish; Available in different colours
Klapp Smart Addition Popular Willow Cricket Kit with Stumps and Cricket Ball for Boys and Adult - Product Features
  • Handle Type: Popular Handle
  • Blade: Popular Willow With Cover & Facing Fish Tape
  • Sales Package: 1 Cricket Bat With Cover, One Balls, Three Stumps, One Stump Base, Two Bails
  • Size:3||5||7
  • Ideal for Adults & Boys
Klapp Champion Pro Cricket Kit for Right Hand Player, Cricket Set - Product Features
  • Available in various sizes for different age groups
  • Batting gloves - palm made from cotton and PVC
  • Complete Kit bag for all age includes all the gear that you need
  • Premium PVC finger rolls and dual density foam finger rolls
  • Sales Package: 1 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat(Size 4),1 Pair Pad, 1 Pair batting Gloves,1 Cricket Helmet,1 Thigh Pad, 1 Arm Guard,1 Abdominal Guard & 1 Kit Bag
TYRUS ONE Random Color Junior Plastic Cricket Set with Stump,Ball and Bat Kit Cricket kit for Boys and Girls (Cricket Kit No. 4) - Product Features
  • Cricket set for age 2-6 years, The Great Characters Attracts Kids to Play the Cricket Game Again and Again.
  • Kids Can Play Indoor as well as outdoors.Encourage the sports of cricket in your kids.
  • Made of High quality Plastic which makes set strong & Suitable for good game
  • Made In India
Nippon Plastic Baby Cricket Set, Multi Color - Product Features
  • Includes : 1 Bat, 3 Wicket,1 Stand,1 Ball, 2 Bails
  • Material: All Items are in Virgin Plastic
  • Wicket Stand Helps In Indoor Use (Best For Beginners)
  • Bat Height: 18 Inch/46 Cms: Wicket Height: 14 Inch/36 Cms
  • Age Group: 18 to 48 months Assorted colours of bat
Sculpture Plastic Cricket Set with Stump and Ball Kit for 3 Year Old Kids Boys - Product Features
  • These sets can be used to play at any outdoor spot such as parks, playgrounds or lawns
  • Created using premium quality raw materials, these bats are light weighted which makes it easy to handle for kids
  • 100% safe for child
  • Kids can play indoor & outdoor both
  • Ideal for cricket training
JRS daylite Boys Cricket Bat for Kids Size 3 (Sticker multibrands) (6-8yr Boys) - Product Features
  • Popular willow Cricket Bat playing only 4 -8 years boys & girls
  • The bat is meant for playing with light weight tennis ball only. The bat is meant for playing with light weight tennis ball only.
  • Made of popular willow Light Weight Cricket Bat
  • Perfect bat for the modern day batsmen looking to play all round the wicket.
  • Size: short handle
Sunley Just Kidding Popular Willow Cricket Bat with 2 Wicket Set for Kids (Size 3, Age 6-8 Years Old Kids) - Product Features
  • In The Box: 1 Pc Wooden Bat Size 3, 2 Wicket Set ( 4 Stand, 2 Bails, 2 Base)
  • Age Group (6 to 8 Years old Kids)
  • Best Quality Set From SUNLEY
  • Ideal For Practice For Kids
Mahi Zone Plastic Cricket Kit Juniors Size for Age Group 6-10 Years | Bat & Ball with Wicket Set for Kids (Multicolor) ,CRICKSET2 - Product Features
  • In the Box: 1 Piece Plastic Cricket Bat Size 2 Length 26'' inches 4 Piece Plastic Wickets Length 23'' Inches 2 Piece Plastic Base 2 Piece Plastic Bails 1 Piece Wind Ball 1 Piece Cricket Kit Combo Bag
  • Made in India of High quality Material which makes set strong & Suitable for good game.
  • High Quality Cricket Set for Home and outdoor cricket
  • This cricket set is a great way to make exercise fun and help children develop healthy habits.
  • Best Gifting Item For Kids Boys
CW SCOREMASTER Cricket Kit for Boys Men Cricket Kit Full Size Senior Cricket Kit Children Set Kids Cricket Training Kit Cricket Kit with Wheel Bag Cricket Kit with Helmet - Product Features
  • MAXIPAK Cricket Kit With WHEELS: Roller bag to make your travel more convenient. The Kingly sports kit bag with strategic design that features separate space for everything you planned for your sport tour. With One roomy compartment it has an external bat and mini compartment to offer you adequate storage. Convenient in every function with roller wheels base, which is easy to stable on any surface and rolling with inside weight. Size In inches L(28.5)*W(11.5)*H(11.5)Approx
  • SCORER ORIGINAL KASHMIR WILLOW BAT: Constructed from chosen wood to create strong and lightweight bat. Excessive durable blade made to strike hard leather ball . The blade made using genuine Kashmir Willow of high quality which comes with thick strong handle embedded into it, that covered with natural anti-slip grip sleeve to ensure firm hold.
  • Batting Legguards: High performance batting pads, multi-layer protection texture featuring broad top hat knee roll and straight filled cane. Its reinforced front gives shield-like security against pace bowling with powerful confronting. The broad top hat filled knee rolls and filled cane texture is designed gives extensive coverage for maximum shin protection supported by cushioned back to retain it comfortable. Three nylon fasten straps that made open,closure, & adjustment quick and simplified.
  • CRICKET BATTING GLOVES: CRICKET BATTING GLOVES: Excellent quality batting gloves with a convenient and comfortable design. Designed considering protection and functionality, with additional protection on fingers. With superior palm designed with ventilation holes and internal lining that retain air ventilation and comfort by keeping hands sweat-free. And quick fasten wrist closure elasticated wrist wrap.
  • ARM GUARD WITH LOWER BODY PAD & CRICKET HELMET: To provide accomplished protection it is come including lower body and elbow protection guard too. In which headguard cricket helmet is available also. Lower body thigh pad with superior facing and soft toweling to retain comfort at back protective shield at front for dual action.
JRS Plastic Cricket Kit Set for Kids (Multicolour , 7-9 Years Old) - Product Features
  • 1 Piece Plastic Cricket Bat Size 3
  • 3 Piece Plastic Wickets
  • 1 Piece Plastic Base
  • 2 Piece Plastic Bails
  • 1 Piece tennis Ball 1 Piece Cricket hard plastic bat
CW Bullet Full Kit Cricket Full Kit Match Quality Cricket Set Protective Equipment Club Cricket Kit Adult/Senior Full Set Youth Size Junior Cricket Kit for Boys All Age Group - Product Features
  • KASHMIR WILLOW CRICKET BAT. Used to hit a hard leather ball, this cricket bat is expertly crafted using Kashmir willow to provide long-lasting performance on the pitch.?The cricket bat is easy to grip and hold, thanks to a high-quality rubber sleeve.
  • SPORTS BACKPACK: Primary chamber for keeping gears, additional bat compartment to accommodate your bat, one frontal compartment for small accessories storage. Convenient Carry Strap: Features adjustable straps to increase or decrease the length of straps. The padding in straps provides balanced support to shoulders.
  • Cricket Gloves: Ideal cricket gloves pair with have design which offers you protection with comfort and gives flexible fit for making grasp on the bat handle. It is textured from superior quality materials that stay last for long.
  • Cricket Pads : Ultimate lightweight cricket batting pads with protective facing for superior protection and impact reduction. The cushioned back provides stable and comfortable support with flexibility. For keeping batting pads stable the pads have three adjustable closure straps.
  • Leather Ball: Premium quality cricket ball with higher quality leather construction. Top grade material made ball with strong core, which made from cork to maintain the hardness of ball. Finest quality cricket ball designed for club matches, cricket school matches tournaments and coaching, excellent ball to last for long.
ONEFIELD Champions Cricket Kit Junior Plastic bat Ball Kit Cricket Playing Set for Kids Indoor Beach Outdoor Garden Play Set for 5-10 yrs Kids(1 Bat, 3 Wicket,1 Stand,2 Ball, 2 Bails) - Product Features
  • Material: All Items are in Virgin Plastic
  • Made in India High quality Material which makes set strong & Suitable for good game
  • Cricket Game is a Great way to Make Exercise fun and help Children Develop Healthy Habits.
  • Ideal for birthday gift for 5 Year To 10 year kids
SG IBAZAR PVC Cricket Kit with Helmet and Leather Ball for 11 to 14 Year Boy, Multicolour, Size 6 - Product Features
  • Cricket Kit Includes : Bat+ Pad + Batting Gloves+ Kitbag + Thigh Guard + Arm Guard + Abdominal Guard+ Helmet+Ball
  • All items shown in pictures may differ as per the availability
  • Duffle Kitbag made from heavy duty Nylon Material and having External Bat Pocket available
  • Bat-Kashmiri willow Bat with curved and Thik toe having Full Sarawak Cane Handle for Powerful shot
JJ Jonex Fine Cricket kit Bag for 5 to 12 Years Kids Red Black @ Kin Store - Product Features
  • It is highly durable and long lasting.Best Suitable for Age 5 to 12 years
  • Larger, durable backpacks built to carry field gear and equipment for your sport is necessary for any competitive player. Check out the soccer essentials you shouldn't forget to keep nearby, in your bag. Training pants-Training jersey-Warm-up t-shirt-Sport specific pads or guards-Training socks-Game socks-Sport shoes-Pre wrap-Cooling towel-Hair ties-Water bottle
  • Ergonomic & compact design makes it a great product
  • Package contains - 1 Cricket Kit bag
  • Jonex products are not only unique in looks but best in his material composition
CAYONA Bat Ball - Product Features
  • Package Content of 1 bat, 1 ball, For Kids Playing Bat Ball Set.
  • Made in India High quality Material which makes set strong & Suitable for good game.
  • Cricket Game is a Great way to Make Exercise fun and help Children Develop Healthy Habits.
  • Made of non-toxic virgin plastic, strong sturdy and fine finish
  • Ideal for birthday gift for 1.5 Year To 3 year kids

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