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Product Description :
Have you always had bad experiences with masks disposable? This face mask mask for men and women , free mask holder, bundle, is made to ensure, that you, forget the bad past experiences. The surgical mask face masks is made with your safety and comfort in mind. And is made using the best quality non woven material. The masks disposable 3 ply mask is made to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure. Its unique aluminium nose clip and quality material protect you in bad polluting environments.

Product Features :
  • Care Instructions: Non Washable
  • Fit Type: Standard Fit
  • EXTRA DURABLE: Have you had bad experiences with other surgical mask? Our masks disposable face mask is made with extra durable materials, to ensure long usage durability. The face mask for men & face mask for women and 3 ply mask with nose pin is made with high quality non-woven fabric and mask holder. The surgical mask 3 layer 3ply mask is made with best quality materials. The masks disposable 100 pieces
  • KEEP YOUR LOVED ONES SAFE: Do you constantly worry about your loved ones? Our disposable masks pack of 100 pieces , face mask combo is made to ensure your loved ones get the best protection! The 3 ply mask 3 layer mask , masks for face and mask holder bundle gives your family 360 protection from dust and pollution. The surgical mask 3 layer with nose clip keeps you safe. This face masks is for you!
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: Does it feel awful to wear face mask for long time? Our face mask disposable comes with mask strap that ensures that you can wear the use and throw mask all day long without feeling any pain whatsoever. The masks for face washable bundle comes with extra protection also. Which doubles safety for you. The mask use and throw is also made with latex free loop to ensure maximum comfort.
  • POLLUTION & DUST PROTECTION: Living in a polluted area? Our face mask with nose clip ensures protection from pollutants and dust particles. Ensuring you always breathe good air. The surgical masks mask for face comes with 3 layer of protection. Which ensures no unwanted particle ever gets to you. The adjustable mask washable masks for face is heavily efficient in protection. 3 layer surgical mask
  • ALL YOU NEED BUNDLE: Our disposable masks, mask with head loop is made to ensure that you get everything you need, to protect yourself and your family in a single bundle! In today's time face mask with ear loops alone is not sufficient to protect us. The 2 in 1 bundle ensures maximum safety for you and our loved ones. The face mask surgical ensures you're always protected. The 3 ply face mask

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