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Product Features :
  • Material Used : Made of 100% non woven fabric with 2 melt blown layers which filters 95% bacteria and viruses. This mask is made according to the WHO guidelines and is considered safe to use by WHO which makes it a good pick for protection.
  • Washable and Reusable : Our N95 Mask is washable and reusable which makes it cost efficient for our customers. The mask is washable up to 25 times, we do not recommend to use it after 25 washes.
  • Comfortable and Stretchable Ear loops : The elastic used in this mask to make the ear loops is extremely light and stretchable. The ear loops do not put strain on your ears even after hours of wearing this mask which makes it a perfect product for the people who have to wear masks the entire day.
  • Easily Breathable : The fabric used ensures easy breath-ability and keeps fogging at the minimum (which makes it a life saver for people who wear spectacles). This pack contains 10 pieces of TNT N95 masks without respiratory filter.
  • Quality Assurance : TNT N95 masks are certified by various organisations like CE, DRDO, FDA (food and drug administration), ISO, GMP, etc. These certifications indicates the quality and effectiveness of our masks and makes our masks safe to use.

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