Beer Tenders By Aoccy

Aoccy 3 Tanks Beverage Dispenser 1.7L Per Tank Rotating Cold Beverage Dispensers Fruit Juice Beverage Dispensers Cooling Cylinder for Ice Fruit for Refrigerator - Product Features
  • The beverage dispenser with 3 detachable tanks for easy removing and refilling with ice as needed.
  • [[Rotating]The bottom has its own rotating shaft, which can be rotated 360? for easy selection of drinks.
  • [[Depressible Faucet]The beverage dispenser with a depressible faucet is convenient for taking drinks, sealed, and not dripping.
  • [[Temperature Resistance]This multifunctional juice dispenser is suitable for both cold and hot drinks. Drinks can be cooled between -20? and heated up to 150?.
  • [[Widely Applicable]Suitable for different kinds of drinks, including soybean milk, milkshake, juice, cocktail, yogurt, coffee, etc.
  • Warranty not applicable for this product

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