Bread Makers By IVAR

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IVAR Easy atta maker Detachable Dough Maker - Product Features
  • Preparing your Chapati's Dough by a conventional method is not only time consuming but also inconvenient. Capital Kitchenware Atta Or Dough Maker a highly innovative product.
  • With the help of this Dough Maker you can prepare Dough for Chapattis, Paranthas & Tandoori Roti's in Just Minutes.
  • Saves Precious Time This Plastic Atta Maker Ensures Quick Results Sans The Sticky Hands. Even When You'Ve Overslept In The Mornings, You Don't Have To Compromise On The Quality Of Breakfast.
  • Lasts Long The Able Plastic Dough Maker Is Made Of Materials That Are Sturdy And Trusty. This Is One Of Those Tools That Would Last You So Long That It Becomes Part Of Your Kitchen Seamlessly Overtime, And You Wouldn?t Even Remember When It Was Included There. The Material Also Ensures That It?s Safe To Use Around Children As Well. No Sharp Edges Or Pointy Surfaces To Be Afraid Of.

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