Bread Makers By REPLEX

REPLEX Cake Maker SK-308 Cup Cake Machine, Crepe, muffins & Bread Makers, Metallic Non Stick Plates 1000W - Product Features
  • If you fancy a fun, tasty treat, this cupcake maker is ideal; simply bake your cupcakes then get creative and decorate your dessert.
  • The cool touch bases enable you to safely open the lid to check the cupcakes during cooking or to remove them when they are baked.
  • Baking seven cupcakes each time, the cupcake maker pre-heats in two minutes cupcakes? perfect for baking fast treats with family.
  • The plates are wonderfully non-stick to release the cupcakes without tearing or crumbling, and to make cleaning easy with no scrubbing.
  • With convenient power on and ready lights, this 1000 W metallic red cupcake maker from American Originals is extremely easy to operate.
REPLEX Electric Crepe Maker Pizza Pancake Machine Non-Stick Griddle Baking Pan Cake Machine Kitchen Cooking Tools egg cooker - Product Features
  • High?power thermostat control. 1200W high?power output provides instant heating. Once the plate is heated, you can make a delicious breakfast in a few minutes.
  • This easy?to?use electric frying pan allows you to make perfect and delicious pancakes for the whole family. This frying pan can also be used for other breakfasts, such as pancakes, bacon and eggs.
  • Overheat protection. The heating temperature does not exceed 210?C. Intelligent temperature control prevents the pancakes from burning or dry cooking, which greatly preserves nutrition and makes you worry?free cooking.
  • Adjustable temperature. Adjustable rotating dial temperature control to guarantee the food is cooked perfectly.
  • Safe and easy to clean. Food grade aluminum cooking plate, safe and reliable to use. The non?stick surface allows you to create the perfect crepe every time, making cleaning easy.

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