Cotton Candy Makers By KN ENTERPRISE

KN ENTERPRISE Cotton Candy Machine for Home Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Machine with Sugar Spoon + Candy Floss Sticks (Pink) - Product Features
  • DELICIOUS COTTON CANDY - FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - no need to wait for a special occasion or go to the amusement park to enjoy the super tasty cotton candy. Treat yourself any time you want! This cotton candy machine will bring joy to everyone -both kids and adults.
  • [ONE-BUTTON START]-high-quality power switch, durable and easy to use
  • will do the rest. When the sugar cotton threads start to generate - take a wooden stick and start wrapping them on it! That's pretty much it! Enjoy your homemade cotton candy.
  • [NON-SLIP BOTTOM PART]-This Candy floss maker stands steadily on any surface, therefore, it is particularly safe.
  • TURNTABLE SUGAR SILO TO INCRRASE UPGRADE]-Can put more sugar and use it Sugar granules won't spin out

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